• What do you want me to do now? Live in the Universe as me today. (Today’sPoetry)

    mountain ridge and lake on cloudy day

    What do you want me to do now? Live in the Universe as me today What do you mean live as you? Let go of who you think you are, and be me How can I be you when you are the eternal? Stay in touch and do what you are told And how can I possibly do that now? Now is the only time there is What about Craig? Will I lose myself? Craig shows up when you are not being you Who are you saying that I am? Meditate often and feel the oneness

  • New Life

    The Universe is designed in a such a way that we are constantly being inspired, urged or pushed to new life and higher ways of being and expression. These promptings can show up in our lives in many ways. It can be in the form of dreams, ideas, situations, and challenges or problems. But the idea is always the same, to move us to the new life the higher ground and understanding. If we can see or feel the new life and make the changes, life once again becomes incredible, with wonderful new situations, and our connection feels miraculous. When the process of the inspiring and prompting begins to occur,…

  • This Months Page, Reminder From 30 Days…When The Universe, or God Chooses to express, he or she is not too particular what color suit is worn for the occasion.

    Whether it is the answer that mysteriously reveals itself in your world, a sign telling you which direction to go in, or the help that arrives from the unexpected place, do not limit how God and the Universe shows up in your life. Many times God has a sense of humor and comes into our lives in the way that we least expect. The more we understand this concept the more we will see miracles and magic in our world. From the book 30 Days of Metaphysics by Craig Kimbrough

  • The Parable of The Trees (This Month’s Page From 30 Days)

    God created everything. He made the sun, the moon, the earth, the people and the animals. God also created the trees. Each tree bares it’s own fruit, and the birds flock accordingly. We have to be more like the trees. A tree knows its place. You don’t find the apple tree trying to bare coconuts. The weeping willow knows it belongs near the lake. The palm tree only shows up in warmer climates. When the trees bear their fruit, the birds, insects, bees etc., come automatically. The tree doesn’t have go out chasing after them. We must find our place under the sun, and be there. We just need to…

  • Metaphysics 101… Imagine if

    Think about what you want and more of it shows up. Or Think about what you don’t want and more of it shows up.  This is metaphysics 101 Imagine being in a class of higher spiritual learning and your teacher said this everyday and then ended class.  Now imagine if you actually take heed and put this into practice more each day. By the time the class was over, your life would be changed forever. Peace and Blessings Craig Kimbrough

  • Don’t Take My Word For It, I Dare You To Try It. (This Month’s Page From 30 Days Of Metaphysics)

    As we make our journey along the spiritual path, we must learn to look at ourselves as spiritual scientists, putting everything to the test for ourselves before declaring it real. When I first began to learn to meditate my teacher would talk to me about other worlds, past lives and all sorts of things he saw in meditation. Although I believed him to certain degree, I decided I had to see these things for myself. So I learned how to meditate, and did everything he told me, just to see if he was telling me the truth. When I did, I was shocked. The experiences I had truly blew my…

  • This Month’s Page from 30 Days of Metaphysics… These Bodies Are Like Clothes

    Our bodies are like clothes that we wear for various occasions. Whatever the soul needs to experience and express determines the body that is fashioned for its life. Just as certain attires are not appropriate for a particular affair, a body that may be great for one lesson or adventure may not be effective for another. Just as our clothes get worn out, get tattered, and need mending, the same happens to our clothing of the soul. So we must be careful how we care for it. Just as we may really like one outfit but realize we have to change clothes the next day. The same is true of…

  • The Marvelous Revolution (Today’s Poetry)

    How can I find my true place if I waste time worrying about what others are doing? How can I share my vision with the world, If I compare myself to someone else? We can spend our whole lives chasing what we don’t really want And find ourselves wondering, “What is it really all about?” I have so much to do. How can I possibly get to it all? I can see it clearly when I remove what is in the way Getting that stuff out the way is the marvelous revolution we’ve been waiting on So I close my eyes and let go, to live out my true destiny…