• Truly At One

    Stop worrying about what you can have and what you can get

    What you can maintain and can uphold

    How you will be looked at along the way

    Am I good enough? and Am I there yet?

    When you are afraid ask What can I give?

    Think about the Universe and how to be intouch

    Let go of the image of how you are to be seen

    To move into the place where you truly belong

    Find comfort in the teachings and let them live though you

    Life can be a struggle when you don’t understand

    There is a peace that is to be found

    Each time it its found you are truly at one

    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • The Sun Shines Brightly When You Are Sincere (Today’s Poetry)

    There is not a moment to waste with what they think when you are on your mission.

    Find out what yours is and be true.

    When you are true to the mission all is righteous

    And the Universe is with you all the way

    Some will try to punish you for small things

    If you are focused on your mission, what you do is big

    You may even stumble along the way

    Move back into your focus and all is well

    The call of the Universe cannot be taken lightly

    When you answer the call you find your way

    It is not the doer who does the work

    The sun shines brightly when you are sincere

    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • When You Are Serious (Today’s Poetry)

    When you are serious about changing your life

    things will happen as if by magic

    New information comes to mind

    and answers show up from out of nowhere

    When you are ready for the new place

    you seem to have a brand new focus

    you have a strength you never had

    and the Universe always has your back

    When you know that this is true

    you don’t have time to waste at all

    Your adventure is right where you are

    and you dare to move and take a chance


    by Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru blog





  • Can I Move With The Universe And Become One?

    What comes first and what comes second?

    Will I choose fear or will I choose the way?

    Will I choose anger or will I choose love?

    Will I take time to go within?

    Will I pay attention when I see signs?

    Can I allow things to reveal?

    Will I look for harmony while on the journey?

    Will I believe in God as the Universe speaks?

    Is it time for this or time for that?

    Will I be true to who I am?

    Can I let go of who I was?

    Move with the Universe and become one?


    By Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog



  • Going to Heaven is not enough. You have to bring Heaven back here. (This Month’s Page From 30 Days of Metaphysics)


    Going deep in meditation is not enough.  We should be in complete enjoyment all the time.  When we are not its because we have lost the vision of the Father, and the mystical consciousness.  This occurs when we go back to trying to be in a comfortable place, rather than being caught up in the adventure with all its lessons and growth at every turn.  Yes we have to go deep in meditation regularly, other wise we won’t see the Father in our world.  Once we do, we must embrace him totally in all the ways he shows up in our world.  The more we do this the more he expands our world to include Heaven both here and in the hereafter.

    One of the most interesting things we find as we enter the higher worlds is that there is really only one world.  Our perception of it has just widened.  So now we see things that we never thought we would.  Life becomes incredibly beautiful.

    From the Book 30 Days of Metaphysics by Craig Kimbrough





  • I have looked

    I have looked for freedom off and on

    and yet have known how to attain it

    I have had periods of wonderful bliss

    and sights that most would long to see

    I have lived a freedom beyond belief

    but felt it for too short a time

    free from worries of right and wrong

    which way to go and what they may think

    Remembering this, I must go back

    to live again in the promised land

    where all is one, heaven is here

    and walk again the path of light

    And as I walk I must remember

    each moment a choice and choose the way

    to focus on beauty, and what is good

    the yoga of peace, the magical way


    Peace and Blessings

    Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru Blog


  • Find Yourself A Teacher Who Can Help You Travel and Find Answers Within

    Find yourself a teacher that can show you how to meditate on the cosmic vibration, (the inner light and sound) travel to the higher regions within yourself, and get the answers from within.  Once you can travel within sufficiently, have the sights of the invisible (the inner vision), and understand what you are seeing, you learn the rest from God within.

    From the book 30 Days of Metaphysics, by Craig Kimbrough

  • On Living The Incredible

    There will be times that we get wonderful ideas and information that can ultimately change our lives and the lives of others.  These are high moments that show we are connected and truly blessed. When we live by and apply these thoughts and ideas, we get to see and experience just how incredible our spiritual connection and blessings really are.  At this point we are living on a whole new level.

    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

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