• Everybody Can’t Come With You To The Beautiful Place We All Have To Get There In Our Own Time

    Sometimes we have to make tough decisions. Sometimes we have to let go of this to move onto that. If that place is where you want to be then don’t look back. The kingdom is a place where all things are beautiful. Everybody can’t come with you to the beautiful place. We all have our time and lessons to receive. We can still love them as we move on. When you walk on the clouds you can’t lose your focus. When they are truly ready you say “welcome back! I have a place for you it’s right over here. I never left you I have been here in spirit. Although…

  • An Inner Roadside Revelation

    I was standing by the roadside when four ministers pulled up with the window rolled down. They told me how lucky I was to have such a wonderful church, as they pointed to the large beautiful structure behind me. As I looked back at the place that seemed to stretch for miles, I recognized that this structure was the one I had seen so many times within. I always thought of this magnificent structure as a wonerful ashram or temple, that although within a dream, seemed to be quite real. This time I was being told that this was my place, where I was to teach meditation and share the…

  • You can control this with the Light (The Next 30 Days)

    clouds and blue sky

    I was talking to my teacher about a tough situation I was experiencing with my wife at the time. I felt like she was being quite difficult and some of her actions did not work for us in terms of our being married. He responded by saying that I could control this with the Nam. (Nam, meaning om vibration, sound and light.) I knew he was saying that God would mold both her and myself in such a way that the situation would be magically taken care of if I stepped up my meditations. I got it intellectually, but at the same time, I wondered if it was true. Honestly…

  • The Mission…Spread Peace and Love (Today’s Poetry)

    One day I was asking God and the Universe, “What do I do with the rest of my life? What is my mission?” I decided outside of taking care of my kids and love ones, this is the only thing that matters. Soon afterwards, this is what I was told. This is the Heavenly moment, the kingdom is at hand You are one with the Cosmos Spread Peace and Love Meditate for more instructions Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • Our Thoughts Are Like A Magic Pathway That We Are Destined To Travel (Today’s Poetry)

    Whatever we think about we become, so think about good things. Whatever we think about multiplies, so keep your mind in an enjoyable place. What we think about shows up in our dreams, and follows us into the night. What we think about, we speak about, and spread throught the land. Our thoughts are like a magic pathway that we are destined to travel. If you don’t like where you are headed, think about a new course. Focus on what you love, kindness and beauty. And travel the road of the prophets into the new land. Craig H Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • A dream as a visitor in a new land (from Craig’s Journal)

    landscape photography of waterfalls surrounded by green leafed plants

    I  was a visitor in a new land.  This land that I was in was actually quite old.  It was tropical  and there was no materialism at least not in the way that we normally experience. There was no television, no expensive items, no cars, no planes, just the people and the land and the a struggle to survive in a way that I was not used to. I can still see the trees and the edge of the land that was being met by water that was vast and choppy and seemed impossible to cross.  I found it quite interesting, the vast difference between it and our world.  I…

  • What do you want me to do now? Live in the Universe as me today. (Today’sPoetry)

    mountain ridge and lake on cloudy day

    What do you want me to do now? Live in the Universe as me today What do you mean live as you? Let go of who you think you are, and be me How can I be you when you are the eternal? Stay in touch and do what you are told And how can I possibly do that now? Now is the only time there is What about Craig? Will I lose myself? Craig shows up when you are not being you Who are you saying that I am? Meditate often and feel the oneness

  • When I Get The Lesson It’s A Whole New Dream (Today’s Poetry)

    Once I get the lesson the karma is transcended As I get the message this changes the dream When I really get it I will be one It’s peace and love do you really hear me? I created this you created that All for the lesson you and I are one I want to understand I must dive deeper To the all knowing place the knowledge of the dream When the knowledge comes it floods like an ocean It’s new it’s magical life will be different I see the flower garden I see the blue land When I come back It’s a whole new dream!        

  • “You Have traveled the road of the prophets.”(The Next 30 Days)

    In my favorite Deep Space Nine episode, the main character is a man who is an african american novelist.  He is writing about the adventures of a nation on a tremendous space ship of which the captain is a black man.  Everyone he shops the story to loves the story, but feels it is unrealistic that this black man is the captain.  Inspite or this, our hero, the novelist, refuses to change the main character’s race, insisting that this man and these people are real.  In his mind they have become real to him.  He later passes out in sheer frustration as he is arguing about it. To his surprise,…