• Healing With The Light ( The Next 30 days)

    My teacher Mr. Ambrister would from time to time talk about how he healed his leg with light. He had been in an accident in which he was hit by a car. And his leg was injured so badly that the doctors told him he may never walk again. As time went on and he got a little better they told him that he would always have to walk with crutches or a cane. His response each time was “Doc with my God and your medicine I will surely be healed. Mr. Ambrister said God told him to sit in the sun and shine the light from a magnifying glass…

  • Get The Good Thought Momentum

    What we put and allow in our minds helps to create our thoughts. Seek the good atmosphere to create good thoughts. Keep thinking of the good. Redirect lower thoughts to higher thoughts and energy. Do this from moment to moment to build the good thought momentum. This good thought momentum is the fast track to the life of our dreams and beyond. It will change your life. Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

  • From Meditating On The World To Meditating On God To Heaven Here and Now (Today’s Poetry)

    clouds and blue sky

    From ok to good. From good to great. From great to incredible. From darkness to light. From ego to oneness. To Heaven here and now. From sleeping to waking. From begining to being. To a brand new story. From yesterday to today. From tomorrow to right now. To living in the moment. From next time to this time. From one day to today. To I am right now. From lost to here. From hoping to knowing. To having gone within. From this is jacked up to it happened for a reason. From this happened for a reason to I see my lesson. To wow this was all planned by the…

  • Our Thoughts Are Like A Magic Pathway That We Are Destined To Travel (Today’s Poetry)

    Whatever we think about we become, so think about good things. Whatever we think about multiplies, so keep your mind in an enjoyable place. What we think about shows up in our dreams, and follows us into the night. What we think about, we speak about, and spread throught the land. Our thoughts are like a magic pathway that we are destined to travel. If you don’t like where you are headed, think about a new course. Focus on what you love, kindness and beauty. And travel the road of the prophets into the new land. Craig H Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • Do Your Best And Leave The Rest (The Next 30 Days)

    The more we progress on the spiritual path the more we realize that for every step we take to accomplish our goals, God and the Universe will take two. This can be tested and proven in our world. For this reason the great ones throughout time have employed us to simply do our best and not worry about the outcome, especially if the situation looks very difficult. If we are truly and sincerely doing our best in our endevours, and don’t look back, just keep working on the task, without fear or worry, the Universe will step in and bring just the right people, ideas, and circumstances into play to…

  • Remember The Incredible, Sounds Like A Plan. (from Craig’s Journal)

    Last night I had a dream where I was experiencing the fulfillment of aspirations I have not yet fully achieved in my life, and at times have even wondered if were possible. This dream was truly wonderful, and the feeling I had was unbelievably good. When I awakened from this wonderful dream, I opened up to a passage that read “God is nearer than hands and feet, closer than breathing.” Upon reading the passage I was reminded that the same God within me that created that dream can do the same thing in my waking dream, this life. I also reflected on many wonderful things that have showed up in…

  • The World (Today’s Poetry)

    When the world keeps us away from our meditations, reflections, and who we truly are, it is not a safe place. When the world leads us back to our meditations, reflections and who we truly are, we are once again entering Heaven. It is always up to us whether we enter Heaven, whether we leave, or whether we stay. Choose your world, and how you focus on it accordingly. Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog