• Remember The Incredible, Sounds Like A Plan. (from Craig’s Journal)

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    Last night I had a dream where I was experiencing the fulfillment of aspirations I have not yet fully achieved in my life, and at times have even wondered if were possible. This dream was truly wonderful, and the feeling I had was unbelievably good. When I awakened from this wonderful dream, I opened up to a passage that read “God is nearer than hands and feet, closer than breathing.”

    Upon reading the passage I was reminded that the same God within me that created that dream can do the same thing in my waking dream, this life. I also reflected on many wonderful things that have showed up in my world, that initially looked impossible, and yet here they are. Quite often I did not even have to figure out how these things would happen, either they just did or ideas and information just showed up to help them come about. This is how it was in the dream. The situation was just there as if by magic.

    I also remembered asking myself if such things were possible, prior to having my dream. The dream along with my reflections afterwards felt like an answer to that question. Not only did the dream feel like it was my answer, it was also a reminder of how whatever we think about most shows up in dreams and in life. This is something we must remember. If you want something to happen, think about it. Talk about it. Read about it. Do what you have to in order to expect it, and let go of needing it to happen. The results can be quite amazing.

    Taking all of this into consideration, my task for today is to remind myself of incredible, even miraculous things that have happened in the past and trust that more are on their way. Sounds like a plan.

    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • The World (Today’s Poetry)

    When the world keeps us away from our meditations, reflections, and who we truly are, it is not a safe place

    When the world leads us back to our meditations, reflections and who we truly are, we are once again entering Heaven

    It is always up to us whether we enter Heaven, whether we leave, or whether we stay!

    Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

  • Going to Heaven is not enough. You have to bring Heaven back here. (This Month’s Page From 30 Days of Metaphysics)


    Going deep in meditation is not enough.  We should be in complete enjoyment all the time.  When we are not its because we have lost the vision of the Father, and the mystical consciousness.  This occurs when we go back to trying to be in a comfortable place, rather than being caught up in the adventure with all its lessons and growth at every turn.  Yes we have to go deep in meditation regularly, other wise we won’t see the Father in our world.  Once we do, we must embrace him totally in all the ways he shows up in our world.  The more we do this the more he expands our world to include Heaven both here and in the hereafter.

    One of the most interesting things we find as we enter the higher worlds is that there is really only one world.  Our perception of it has just widened.  So now we see things that we never thought we would.  Life becomes incredibly beautiful.

    From the Book 30 Days of Metaphysics by Craig Kimbrough





  • If You Want To (Today’s Poetry)

    If you want to be a painter, paint

    If you want to be a dancer, dance

    If you want to be a singer, sing

    If you want to be a writer, write.

    If you want to be a teacher, teach

    If you want to be a giver, give

    If you want to be a an artist, create

    If you want to be an architect, draw

    If you want to be a business person, do business

    If you want to be happy, Be happy

    If you want to be peaceful, be at peace

    If you want to be a lover, give love

    If you want to be a great meditation teacher, meditate often, Teach meditation. hang out with great meditation teachers. Read books by great yogis, masters and sages. Be peaceful. Be happy. Keep your mind on the higher things.  Remind yourself of who you are and what it is that you have to do. Do it your way. Have fun in the process. Think about it. Speak about it. Write about it.  Prove that it works in your life and inspire others to do the same.

    If you want to be a painter, paint.


    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • Living Your Dream Instantly (Today’s Poetry)

    If you live this moment like it has already happened

    surely your dream is on its way

    If you act like the person who you really want to be

    in this moment you are that person

    If you understand that this moment is all there is

    You have learned the secret of living here and now

    Once you can put this into practice

    You will be living your dream instantly


    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog






  • Answers Can Show Up in The Most Incredible Ways

    As we go about our day let’s think about what we want the Universe to reveal to us, knowing that we are connected and that answers can show up in the most incredible ways.

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    If we can do this and not worry about getting the answers but just know that they are coming and enjoy the day, the answers will surely show up.


  • Metaphysics 101… Imagine if

    Think about what you want and more of it shows up. Or Think about what you don’t want and more of it shows up.  This is metaphysics 101

    Imagine being in a class of higher spiritual learning and your teacher said this everyday and then ended class.  Now imagine if you actually take heed and put this into practice more each day.

    By the time the class was over, your life would be changed forever.

    Peace and Blessings

    Craig Kimbrough

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