Positive and or Metaphysical Movie List

Newest movies: The Kings Speech, Arrival, You Are So Not Invited To My BatMitsfa

About Fate: Being open to signs, miracles, fate and destiny.

About time:  Life is magical, We are more than we see in the three dimensional realm.

A Christmas Wish: God and The Universe is always with us. We sometimes get challenges so we can see God’s miracles in our lives.

16 Blocks: God’s signs are everywhere, leading you to good things if you are open.

All Things Fall Apart:  We are here to grow, must become humble.

A Dangerous Method: The story of Freud, Jung, and Jung’s mistress, being true to yourself and your conscience, dedication to ones life work, We must learn to be unattached.

A Prophet

A Serious Man:  Have courage and be a man or crawl.

Adaptation: About fully diving into your passion without concern of the outcome and knowing when to move on to the next.

Adjustment Bureau:  True love , moving beyond fate into destiny

Alfie: Karma: in this life we get what we give . . .

Angel Falls Christmas:  Christmas magic, Being true to yourself, Following your dreams, having balance in life, Knowing your role

Another Earth:  Quantum Physics, Other dimensions, Character, and more.

Arthur Christmas:  Do your best and leave the rest.

Atlas Shrugged Part 1:  Having good character, being a productive person and citizen

August Rush

Avatar:  Character, We are more than our physical bodies, A soul is a soul and should be treated likewise.

Beautiful Creatures

Be Cool

Being John Malkovich: Another twist to the fourth dimension, souls taking turns being a particular character . . .

Big Fish: The power of great story telling, sometimes we don’t realize the greatness of people in our lives . . .

The Blind Side:

The Book of Eli:   True dedication to ones mission brings incredible results.

Bridge of Spies:  if you embrace your what shows up in your life here and now you will move into a most marvelous adventure.  This adventure will change your life.

Bulletproof Monk: Be on a mission and realize your greatness and that you and your partners are one.

Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius: We have to realize we are a genius, and the world would love to see us in our place. We also need dedication, belief, and courage to move on.

Bodies, Rest, and Motion: A body at rest will remain at rest until reacted upon by some outside stimulus, so it is with our lives.

Bruce Almighty: God’s signs are all around us.  Letting go of ego and truly giving. . .

The Butterfly Effect: The fourth dimension: there are many paths with many possibilities.  Embrace what’s meant to be.

Capote: There are more tears shed from answered prayers than unanswered prayers.

Catch Me If You Can: Be into life, make it an adventure, and use your talents for good.

The Chosen One:  Spiritual Growth, Mission from God*


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Meditation, a leap of faith, great love, discipline, forgive . . .

Dead Again . . .Reincarnation.  Those who meet must part, those who part must meet again.  God’s laws of going and coming are so exact.

Dead Poets Society: Seize the day and be alive.

Dead Pool 2

Defending Your Life: Life is about the lesson.

Dirty Pretty Things: Prophesies.  Your destiny and good beyond your belief can come your way, but first you have to have an open mind.


Eddie The Eagle:  A marvelous true story. It’s not too late to live your dream.  When you have a dream, you have to live it and have a spirit that never gives up.

Eight Mile: Lose yourself and forget about the outcome.  Be true to yourself and don’t give up.

Everyday:  Our bodies are like clothes, we are souls, relationships,

Excalibur: You and the land are one, as you go so goes the land (your world).

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close:  Adventure, Determination, Love and Sacrifice. You get to see the goodness in people and The incredible adventure of being a parent.

The Family Man: Dreams, parallel universes, better goods waiting on us than we realize

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them:  Other worlds, dreams, magic, parallel universes, great ideas and adventures.

Femme Fatale: Dreams, déjà, parallel universes, trusting intuitions and visions

Field Of Dreams: If you build it they will come. Trust your signs and intuitions and experience a magical life.

Frequency: no such thing as time, parallel universes fourth dimensions

Get Shorty

Ghost Dog: Living by a deep spiritual code in all situations . . .

Good Will Hunting: Embrace your talents. We all need teachers.  Don’t be afraid to love and don’t be afraid to move on.

Grand Canyon: No coincidences; pay attention to signs. Learn and grow.

Ground Hog Day: Losing ones ego and truly embracing where you are . . .

The Greatest Game Ever Played:  Perfect for anyone who ever had a dream or is looking for inspiration and motivation.

Heaven and Earth: Karma, reincarnation, life is about the lesson

Hereafter:  Learning to embrace your gifts.  Psychic abilities

Hilary and Jackie: It’s already happened, this world is magical and this moment is eternal, become the song. Everything is going to be al right.

Hero: True love gives and sacrifices without concern for outcome.  Honor and dedication produces a hero.

Hearts in Atlantis: Great teachers are mystical, and change our lives.  There are no accidents. We can get much information in advance.

Hustle and Flow: It is based on the life of a pimp, his struggles and aspirations.  Some would say “What is uplifting about the life of a pimp?”   But as said in the movie, everybody needs a dream.   As always I ask if you go see this film to better appreciate the insights I have listed.

Hugo:  Being true to ones passion, Friendship, Love and kindness

Intersection: Getting the lesson, signs, knowing when to let go and move on . . .

Joan of Arc: Be close to God.  Look for signs and do what the universe tells you to do.

Just Like Heaven:  There is more than just these three dimensions.

The Karate Kid ( The first release): A very good depiction of the student/ teacher relationship.

Kate and Leopold: The fourth dimension, no such thing as time, love and the courage to go where you belong

The Kid (Disney’s): The magic of parallel universes and many possibilities, learning what is truly important . . .

Kung Fu: The First Season: Mystical teachers, life is a journey with many lessons, meditation and inner visions, truth, honor, respect, and more . . .

Lady Bird

The Lady in the Water: This world is magical.  We all have a divine purpose and talents.  Finding your purpose in life is essential.  We must move beyond our pain to experience life’s magic and wonder.

The Lake House: True love has a power and language of it’s own.  Moving beyond the boundaries of time and space.

The Legend of 1900: We can be both great and a legend right where we are. Use your talents.

The Legend of Bagger Vance: Being in the zone, knowing your place in God’s universe, seeing all as one, becoming one, accepting the adventure, experiencing a mystical teacher . . .

The Last Samurai: The spiritual code of the samurai, love, friendship, dedication . . .

Les Miserables:  This life is meant to be an adventure.  In life we make great sacrifices for the ones we love even if they don’t understand.

Love Actually: Learning about and appreciating love . . .

The Majestic: Being honorable, being true, finding your place and being there . . .

The Mystic Masseur: Knowing your place in life and being true to it . . .

Needle In a Timestack:  We are beyond time and space.  When we get the lesson everything changes.

The Others: Other realms, life and death may be much deeper than we realize.

Peaceful Warrior: Spiritual teacher and student relationship.  Life is a mystical journey, experiencing oneness and many other wonderful insights

The Pianist: Shows unbelievable dedication to your place in life . . .

Pirates of the Caribbean: Life is an adventure. Be unstoppable and know that you are.

Pleasantville: What’s next? Who cares? Just fully be here. Everything does not have to be perfect. We also enter and experience what we think about.

Proximity:  Aliens, Other worlds, There is more to life than what we see. Love story.  Good things happening.

The Postman: If we are willing to rise to the occasion, we become a hero or a legend -whether we realize it or not.

The Power of Myth (series with Joseph Campbell): Spiritual life, following your bliss, realizing the eternal in you, and much more . . .

Proof: Dedication and embracing the genius inside of us.

The Pursuit of Happiness:

Safe Haven

Slum Dog Millionaire

Seven Days In Utopia:  Student Teacher Relationship, Learning how to let go, Visualization, Finding ones true path

Signs: What kind of person are you?  Do you believe in signs and miracles or do you believe that things just happen by chance?

Sliding Doors: Parallel universes, dreams, dejavu, your destiny is waiting on you . . .

Somewhere in Time: Love, motivation, extreme focus, time travel . . .

Stigmata: Do you truly believe the kingdom of God is within? The Thomas Gospel, (Gnostic text)

Super Mensch. This incredible documentary shows how to move into your dreams and still be a true mensch ( honorable person ) on the highest level.

Tales of the Kama Sutra the Perfumed Garden: Love, reincarnation, getting the lesson . . .

Talk to Me

The Shipping News: When we find our place we become a different person.

The Terminal: Being in the moment, letting go of the outcome, sacrifice and giving changes our lives, and the lives of those around us . . .

Time Line: Parallel universes, “as a man thinketh”, knowing where you belong . . .

Tombstone: Being truly alive, knowing your place, friendship, self sacrifice . . .

Unbreakable: Dharma (place in life), our foes and challenges help us get there . . .

Under the Tuscan Sun: Problems can lead to a wonderful adventure if you take the chance.  All your dreams can come true.

Vanilla Sky: Life is but a dream, and we must wake up.

The Vow:  True love, Finding Oneself,  Personal Growth, Being True To Oneself

The Village: Moving beyond set limitations, if you trust yourself . . .

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday: Life beyond death, connections between people, a time to move on

What Dreams Will Come: Karma, love, reincarnation, lessons in life . . .

What The Bleep Do We Know?: Quantum physics, the fourth dimension, everything is everywhere always, we just don’t realize it . . .

Wicker Park: True love and the connection that can exist between two people, some things are meant to be