Positive and or Metaphysical Movie List

Newest movie: Super Mensch. This incredible documentary shows how to move into your dreams and still be a true mensch ( honorable person ) on the highest level.

About Fate: Being open to signs, miracles, fate and destiny.

About time:  Life is magical, We are more than we see in the three dimensional realm.

A Christmas Wish: God and The Universe is always with us. We sometimes get challenges so we can see God’s miracles in our lives.

16 Blocks: God’s signs are everywhere, leading you to good things if you are open.

All Things Fall Apart:  We are here to grow, must become humble.

A Dangerous Method: The story of Freud, Jung, and Jung’s mistress, being true to yourself and your conscience, dedication to ones life work, We must learn to be unattached.

A Prophet

A Serious Man:  Have courage and be a man or crawl.

Adaptation: About fully diving into your passion without concern of the outcome and knowing when to move on to the next.

Adjustment Bureau:  True love , moving beyond fate into destiny

Alfie: Karma: in this life we get what we give . . .

Angel Falls Christmas:  Christmas magic, Being true to yourself, Following your dreams, having balance in life, Knowing your role

Another Earth:  Quantum Physics, Other dimensions, Character, and more.

Arthur Christmas:  Do your best and leave the rest.

Atlas Shrugged Part 1:  Having good character, being a productive person and citizen

August Rush

Avatar:  Character, We are more than our physical bodies, A soul is a soul and should be treated likewise.

Beautiful Creatures

Be Cool

Being John Malkovich: Another twist to the fourth dimension, souls taking turns being a particular character . . .

Big Fish: The power of great story telling, sometimes we don’t realize the greatness of people in our lives . . .

The Blind Side:

The Book of Eli:   True dedication to ones mission brings incredible results.

Bridge of Spies:  if you embrace your what shows up in your life here and now you will move into a most marvelous adventure.  This adventure will change your life.

Bulletproof Monk: Be on a mission and realize your greatness and that you and your partners are one.

Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius: We have to realize we are a genius, and the world would love to see us in our place. We also need dedication, belief, and courage to move on.

Bodies, Rest, and Motion: A body at rest will remain at rest until reacted upon by some outside stimulus, so it is with our lives.

Bruce Almighty: God’s signs are all around us.  Letting go of ego and truly giving. . .

The Butterfly Effect: The fourth dimension: there are many paths with many possibilities.  Embrace what’s meant to be.

Capote: There are more tears shed from answered prayers than unanswered prayers.

Catch Me If You Can: Be into life, make it an adventure, and use your talents for good.

The Chosen One:  Spiritual Growth, Mission from God*


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Meditation, a leap of faith, great love, discipline, forgive . . .

Dead Again . . .Reincarnation.  Those who meet must part, those who part must meet again.  God’s laws of going and coming are so exact.

Dead Poets Society: Seize the day and be alive.

Dead Pool 2

Defending Your Life: Life is about the lesson.

Dirty Pretty Things: Prophesies.  Your destiny and good beyond your belief can come your way, but first you have to have an open mind.


Eddie The Eagle:  A marvelous true story. It’s not too late to live your dream.  When you have a dream, you have to live it and have a spirit that never gives up.

Eight Mile: Lose yourself and forget about the outcome.  Be true to yourself and don’t give up.

Everyday:  Our bodies are like clothes, we are souls, relationships,

Excalibur: You and the land are one, as you go so goes the land (your world).

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close:  Adventure, Determination, Love and Sacrifice. You get to see the goodness in people and The incredible adventure of being a parent.

The Family Man: Dreams, parallel universes, better goods waiting on us than we realize

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them:  Other worlds, dreams, magic, parallel universes, great ideas and adventures.

Femme Fatale: Dreams, déjà, parallel universes, trusting intuitions and visions

Field Of Dreams: If you build it they will come. Trust your signs and intuitions and experience a magical life.

Frequency: no such thing as time, parallel universes fourth dimensions

Get Shorty

Ghost Dog: Living by a deep spiritual code in all situations . . .

Good Will Hunting: Embrace your talents. We all need teachers.  Don’t be afraid to love and don’t be afraid to move on.

Grand Canyon: No coincidences; pay attention to signs. Learn and grow.

Ground Hog Day: Losing ones ego and truly embracing where you are . . .

The Greatest Game Ever Played:  Perfect for anyone who ever had a dream or is looking for inspiration and motivation.

Heaven and Earth: Karma, reincarnation, life is about the lesson

Hereafter:  Learning to embrace your gifts.  Psychic abilities

Hilary and Jackie: It’s already happened, this world is magical and this moment is eternal, become the song. Everything is going to be al right.

Hero: True love gives and sacrifices without concern for outcome.  Honor and dedication produces a hero.

Hearts in Atlantis: Great teachers are mystical, and change our lives.  There are no accidents. We can get much information in advance.

Hustle and Flow: It is based on the life of a pimp, his struggles and aspirations.  Some would say “What is uplifting about the life of a pimp?”   But as said in the movie, everybody needs a dream.   As always I ask if you go see this film to better appreciate the insights I have listed.

Hugo:  Being true to ones passion, Friendship, Love and kindness

Intersection: Getting the lesson, signs, knowing when to let go and move on . . .

Joan of Arc: Be close to God.  Look for signs and do what the universe tells you to do.

Just Like Heaven:  There is more than just these three dimensions.

The Karate Kid ( The first release): A very good depiction of the student/ teacher relationship.

Kate and Leopold: The fourth dimension, no such thing as time, love and the courage to go where you belong

The Kid (Disney’s): The magic of parallel universes and many possibilities, learning what is truly important . . .

Kung Fu: The First Season: Mystical teachers, life is a journey with many lessons, meditation and inner visions, truth, honor, respect, and more . . .

Lady Bird

The Lady in the Water: This world is magical.  We all have a divine purpose and talents.  Finding your purpose in life is essential.  We must move beyond our pain to experience life’s magic and wonder.

The Lake House: True love has a power and language of it’s own.  Moving beyond the boundaries of time and space.

The Legend of 1900: We can be both great and a legend right where we are. Use your talents.

The Legend of Bagger Vance: Being in the zone, knowing your place in God’s universe, seeing all as one, becoming one, accepting the adventure, experiencing a mystical teacher . . .

The Last Samurai: The spiritual code of the samurai, love, friendship, dedication . . .

Les Miserables:  This life is meant to be an adventure.  In life we make great sacrifices for the ones we love even if they don’t understand.

Love Actually: Learning about and appreciating love . . .

The Majestic: Being honorable, being true, finding your place and being there . . .

The Mystic Masseur: Knowing your place in life and being true to it . . .

Needle In a Timestack:  We are beyond time and space.  When we get the lesson everything changes.

The Others: Other realms, life and death may be much deeper than we realize.

Peaceful Warrior: Spiritual teacher and student relationship.  Life is a mystical journey, experiencing oneness and many other wonderful insights

The Pianist: Shows unbelievable dedication to your place in life . . .

Pirates of the Caribbean: Life is an adventure. Be unstoppable and know that you are.

Pleasantville: What’s next? Who cares? Just fully be here. Everything does not have to be perfect. We also enter and experience what we think about.

Proximity:  Aliens, Other worlds, There is more to life than what we see. Love story.  Good things happening.

The Postman: If we are willing to rise to the occasion, we become a hero or a legend -whether we realize it or not.

The Power of Myth (series with Joseph Campbell): Spiritual life, following your bliss, realizing the eternal in you, and much more . . .

Proof: Dedication and embracing the genius inside of us.

The Pursuit of Happiness:

Safe Haven

Slum Dog Millionaire

Seven Days In Utopia:  Student Teacher Relationship, Learning how to let go, Visualization, Finding ones true path

Signs: What kind of person are you?  Do you believe in signs and miracles or do you believe that things just happen by chance?

Sliding Doors: Parallel universes, dreams, dejavu, your destiny is waiting on you . . .

Somewhere in Time: Love, motivation, extreme focus, time travel . . .

Stigmata: Do you truly believe the kingdom of God is within? The Thomas Gospel, (Gnostic text)

Tales of the Kama Sutra the Perfumed Garden: Love, reincarnation, getting the lesson . . .

Talk to Me

The Shipping News: When we find our place we become a different person.

The Terminal: Being in the moment, letting go of the outcome, sacrifice and giving changes our lives, and the lives of those around us . . .

Time Line: Parallel universes, “as a man thinketh”, knowing where you belong . . .

Tombstone: Being truly alive, knowing your place, friendship, self sacrifice . . .

Unbreakable: Dharma (place in life), our foes and challenges help us get there . . .

Under the Tuscan Sun: Problems can lead to a wonderful adventure if you take the chance.  All your dreams can come true.

Vanilla Sky: Life is but a dream, and we must wake up.

The Vow:  True love, Finding Oneself,  Personal Growth, Being True To Oneself

The Village: Moving beyond set limitations, if you trust yourself . . .

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday: Life beyond death, connections between people, a time to move on

What Dreams Will Come: Karma, love, reincarnation, lessons in life . . .

What The Bleep Do We Know?: Quantum physics, the fourth dimension, everything is everywhere always, we just don’t realize it . . .

Wicker Park: True love and the connection that can exist between two people, some things are meant to be

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    • Craig Kimbrough and Meditative Zone

      Hello my friend

      Overcoming negative mind is a constant job. The best ways I know are by meditating on the inner sound and light and by devoting time to your positive nature. This can be done by watching and listening to positive material and information of higher thought. Being careful about our conversations and atmosphere and again by devoting time daily to meditation. It takes constant work.


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