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Our Mission

Promote the wonders of positivity and meditation. Provide a way for people to constantly remind themselves and others of the positive, where they can learn more about positivity, and meditaion, and express it. Give them ways of continuing to do this as they move in their world.   Help people become positive gurus, spreaders of positivity and love.

Meditation For What?

To be at peace, To be happy, To be stress free, To have good dreams at night, To find God within, To feel at home in the world, To know what is beyond this world, For improving relationships, To find my purpose, To express freely, To know where I am going, To know where to go, To walk through life on a wonderful high, To give, To spread peace and love. A good regular meditation program over time brings all of these benefits and more. Surprisingly, many of these benefits can be experienced quite quickly when one learns a good process of focusing on higher centers within.


Currently during COVID, Craig Kimbrough’s weekly talks on positivity, spirituality and metaphyisics are taking place solely online through facebook live. THE TALKS TAKE PLACE EVERY SUNDAY AT 11:00 AM ON POSITIVE GURU WITH CRAIG KIMBROUGH ON FACEBOOK LIVE. The topics can range from how to improve your meditations to how to achieve your goals and dreams, to how to move through life like a bonified master so connected to your soul and spirit that you will be incredibly amazed and at peace.

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Positive Guru is no one distinct genre. It is a mixture of a few genres that come together in a sound of its own. It is dance music with a touch of hip hop and edm. It is feel good music with a message designed to touch people. It is an attitude and lifestye that says “the coolest thing in the world is peace and love and positivity.”It is that music that you listen to when you want feel the groove and be uplifted and inspired

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There is nothing like being a part of a growing positive movement, especially when it is one that changes lives. The Positive Guru Wristband movement is just that and more. One that changes your life and all those who you come into contact with on account of your new approach to life. It is not just a movement but while wearing the band and living out the instructions for best results it truly becomes a way of and giving and living.

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There is a place within, beyond the cares and worries of this world, that sees all, understands all, knows all, and can do all.  Once you find that place, you are no longer you; you are one with the eternal. The object in life is to operate from this place as often as possible.  – Craig Kimbrough


Meditation is focus.  We are constantly focusing on one thing or another. This means whether we realize it or not, we are always meditating.  Our focus and our thoughts also determine our reality.  Our present world and everything in it is a result of our focus or our meditations.  When we say we want to learn how to meditate, we are actually saying we want to learn how to meditate in way that produces better results. These better results that we are looking for may be better health, greater success, a more relaxed harmonious life, or a deeper spiritual connection.  All of these things can be experienced, by simply shifting our focus.

In order to experience the best possible reality we must shift our focus from the material to the spiritual. So the question is, are you going to constantly think and worry about the things of this world and experience the results of that meditation, or are you going to take time to go to the spiritual regions within yourself and experience the results of that meditation?  The latter includes the things of this world without the attachments, fears and worries. It also includes all the magic and mystery of experiencing the eternal.