Healing With The Light ( The Next 30 days)

My teacher Mr. Ambrister would from time to time talk about how he healed his leg with light. He had been in an accident in which he was hit by a car. And his leg was injured so badly that the doctors told him he may never walk again. As time went on and he got a little better they told him that he would always have to walk with crutches or a cane. His response each time was “Doc with my God and your medicine I will surely be healed.

Mr. Ambrister said God told him to sit in the sun and shine the light from a magnifying glass on his injured leg daily. So he did just what he was told. Within a short period of time Mr. Ambrister said to his doctor’s amazement he walked in the doctor’s office with his cane on his shoulder.

I had an injury to my wrist. And 20 years later I reinjured the same wrist in the same place. As time went on years later, it got to the point that it would not only hurt when I lifted things but even when just sitting. It was becoming unbarable. I was just about to consider an operation when I remembered this story. I pictured my wrist in meditation with light around it. To my surprise it began to hurt much less and only would hurt if I lifted heavy objects.

You can control this with the Light (The Next 30 Days)

clouds and blue sky
clouds and blue sky
Photo by Prashant Gautam on Pexels.com

I was talking to my teacher about a tough situation I was experiencing with my wife at the time. I felt like she was being quite difficult and some of her actions did not work for us in terms of our being married. He responded by saying that I could control this with the Nam. (Nam, meaning om vibration, sound and light.) I knew he was saying that God would mold both her and myself in such a way that the situation would be magically taken care of if I stepped up my meditations. I got it intellectually, but at the same time, I wondered if it was true. Honestly during that paticular marriage, I don’t think I stepped up my meditations enough to experience what he was talking about, but the conversation always remained in my mind.

Years later I had a meeting with someone who from all my experience I knew was going to be quite difficult. She had already stated her position and it was totally against what I thought was best for all parties. In the meatime, I had been stepping up my spiritual way of life in the previous weeks meditating more, repeating my mantra more, and flooding my mind with the spiritual, by way of movies and uplifting material. I was doing this for what seemed to be unrelated reasons. The day of the meeting, I was early so I meditated in my truck. To my surpise the person I had the meeting with changed her position totally, saying “whatever you think is best” in the most peaceful way, and all worked out wonderfully. It reminded me of how other times during periods of high spirituality, the people in my world would miraculously change their position or ways of acting and being, to fit in just the right way that was needed at the time.

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

From Meditating On The World To Meditating On God To Heaven Here and Now (Today’s Poetry)

clouds and blue sky
clouds and blue sky
Photo by Prashant Gautam on Pexels.com

From ok to good. From good to great. From great to incredible.

From darkness to light. From ego to oneness. To Heaven here and now.

From sleeping to waking. From begining to being. To a brand new story.

From yesterday to today. From tomorrow to right now. To living in the moment.

From next time to this time. From one day to today. To I am right now.

From lost to here. From hoping to knowing. To having gone within.

From this is jacked up to it happened for a reason. From this happened for a reason to I see my lesson. To wow this was all planned by the Universe.

From meditating on the world, to meditating on God. From meditatiing on the Universe to seeing beauty everywhere, to Heaven here and now.

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

These things will happen, unconciously to your conciousness (From The Next 30 Days)

The more we meditate and the more we move into the idea of Heaven here and now, the more we will experience peace, happiness, and growth as a soul. With these wonderful experiences we develope strength, and see incredible things happen for us and through us. Some of these things we expereince may have previously been thought of as impossible. And these wonders will happen unconciously to our conciousness. We won’t even see it coming.

Moving through life with an incredible sense of peace and direction. Being able to see what’s happening on the other side of town or the world. Being able to be led from within, and know exactly what to do and when to do it. Being able to lightly decide something is going to happen, and then see it show up in your world with lightning speed. Being able to understand and interpret our dreams. Being able to walk through a firestorm of a tough situation and prevail untouched. Seeing physical ailments improve and in some cases even dissapear. We just look up and these things, and even more just happen on account of our new focus and meditations.

Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog

Do Your Best And Leave The Rest (The Next 30 Days)

The more we progress on the spiritual path the more we realize that for every step we take to accomplish our goals, God and the Universe will take two. This can be tested and proven in our world. For this reason the great ones throughout time have employed us to simply do our best and not worry about the outcome, especially if the situation looks very difficult.

If we are truly and sincerely doing our best in our endevours, and don’t look back, just keep working on the task, without fear or worry, the Universe will step in and bring just the right people, ideas, and circumstances into play to help us along.

Doing our best not only includes all our outside efforts along the way to our goal, it also refers to going within and meditating and keeping our mind on the magic and beauty of this world. This part of doing our best helps us to move beyond our ego based thoughts ideas and methods. It also helps us experience more peace in order to allow the rest, the providence, divine action to occur.

If Thy Eye Be Single Thy Whole Being Will Be Filled With Light (The Next 30 Days)

Quite often Mr. Ambrister would say this just prior to meditation. “If Thy eye be single thy whole being will be filled with light.” In time I began to realize that this statement is quite true.

When our focus is on the oneness and beauty of the Universe, and our attention is collected in the eyebrow center during the meditation process, our mind is off the cares of the world and our vision becomes single, focused, no longer scattered. At this point we move into a state of oneness, feeling at one with everyone and everything. During this experience we can at times see and feel light throughout our entire body.

This process brings about healing and changes in body, mind, and soul. Sometimes curing ailments of the body, and other times helping us to see situations with a whole new perspective. At times we can even feel ourselves being one with the light, feeling a strength power and sense of peace that is beyond description.

Again we can move into this state by a combination of seeing and looking for the good in all situations, and by practicing the meditation.

Be of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome This World (The Next 30 Days)

On the meditation path, there is a point in which the meditator can become so adept at the practice of superconscious meditation that they can travel to the upper worlds within and come back to this world at will. The gross outer world compared to the meditation world within becomes somewhat of a dream.

The more one has the expereinces of divine travels and sights within, the more dreamlike this life is. And the more at peace he becomes. Now the meditator is said to have overcome this wold. And is naturally of good cheer on account of realizing there is so much more to this life than he or she could have previously ever imagined. There is also a profound realization of a larger life beyond space and time.

“I came forth from the father and am come into the world, again. I leave the world and go to the Father.”

There are flower gardens within with fragrances that are so beautiful they have never touched Earth’s plane. (from The Next 30 Days)

Just as there are definite places you can travel to on this earth by car, boat, or airplane, and you can have definite sights and experiences in those places, the same is true of the inner planes on the meditation path. ‘There are definite places that can be visited within during meditation. And we can actually experience them once we are able to concentrate sufficiently. One of these places is a magnificent flower garden with the most beautiful of fragrances unlike any that we can experience in the physical.

I heard my teacher speak of such a place but I never really expected to see it or make it there. When I did it was unbelievable, and wonderful. It was like I was moving through and becoming the flowers. The fragrance was just as he described also, because when I came out of meditation, the fragrance was gone.

Traveling within to such places within convinces the meditator of life beyond this physical life, and gives the added benifits of coming back with the peace and happiness of these regions.

One Day You Are Going To Look Back And See That Whole Building Surounded In Light! (from The Next 30 Days)

My teacher Ambrister would sometimes talk about how one day when he stepped outside his teacher Dr. Thind’s meditation class, he looked back, and to his surprise the whole building was surounded by light. As he would tell the story I could almost see him having the experience. One day when we were talking he said to me, Craig “One day when you are at your place, you are going to look back and see that whole building surounded in light!” At the time I owned a metaphysical bookstore. It was also the place where I taught meditation classes. It surprised me that he said this to me. After all, I was just me, not Dr. Mr. Ambrister and not Dr. Thind. But at times he would say things like this, and even compare me to himself, and his teacher Dr. Thind.

One day as I was leaving the building I happened to look back as I drove off. I could not believe what I was seeing. I saw a white light around the whole building. It was an overcast day and the building was a block long. And to my surprise, there was a light around the whole building for the one block. This light was no where else to be found nearby. I drove back and forth up and down the street looking in disbelief. I rushed to Mr. Ambrister to tell him. He replied. “That is the Aura from you and the work you are doing.”

I have learned over the years to never underestimate the beauty and spiritual heights that can be achieved from meditating and doing what the Universe and God lead you to do.

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