Poetry (To Move Into That World Where You Truly Belong)



There are things that we know we need to do and still do not do

There are things that we know we need to stop that we continue to do

These things can make a big difference but we just don’t realize it

A whole new world is waiting if you dare to step in

We think “just this last time I will not be true”

“Next time I will do it ” but  next time is right now

Now is the time, the only time there is

To move into that world where you truly belong

If we do what we know works we get so much reward

If we ask and remain open we are shown the right way

If we have the guts to move on the signs, life will be anew

No time for waiting your adventure is right here


Some Questions:

Are you eating the way you know you should?

Are you being as loving as you know you should be?

Are you taking the tough stances you know you should take?

Are you serving the way you would like to be served?

Are you taking time to go within for more guidance?

Are you spending time daily on living your dream?










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