A Wonderful Ashram On The Inner Planes (Today’s Poetry)

The Universe has blessed me with so many things. I have a beautiful fiancé, wonderful kids, family and friends. I have a meditation family, a great home, a new truck. […]

It’s Time (Today’s Poetry)

It’s time for a new year. It’s time for a new start. It’s time for a new me. Its time for a new you. Time to go where we belong. […]

And What Do I Do With The Rest Of My Life?(Today’s Poetry)

And what do I do with the rest of my life? Spread peace and love everywhere I go. Live the life of a positive guru. Stay connected and it will […]

Time for the New Era of No Holding Back(From Craig’s Journal)

This morning I woke up thinking about the Coronavirus and life, and how the world is so uncertain and changing. I also thought about when my father asked me “What […]

When I Step Into The Place Filled With Ojas (Spiritual Substance)

When I step into the place filled with ojas, It seems I’ve been meditating all day long. When I’m like this I can do no wrong. What’s the next move? […]

When You Are On The Beam

There is something inside that knows when you are on the beam. When you make it there you are truly in the zone. Being on the beam is like a […]

If You Look Closely You Will Find The Marvelous Adventure (Today’s Poetry 1)

The Universe is trying to take you somewhere Trying to guide you to the other side So often this is hard to see But if you look closely you will […]

Traveling The Main Road (Today’s Poetry 1)

When you travel the main road you can barely feel your body As you move along the melody rings loadly Continue your travels and miracles just happen On the main […]

The Mission…Spread Peace and Love (Today’s Poetry)

One day I was asking God and the Universe, “What do I do with the rest of my life? What is my mission?” I decided outside of taking care of […]