There is a place within, beyond the cares and worries of this world, that sees all, understands all, knows all, and can do all.  Once you find that place, you are no longer you; you are one with the eternal. The object in life is to operate from this place as often as possible.  – Craig Kimbrough


Meditation is focus.  We are constantly focusing on one thing or another. This means whether we realize it or not, we are always meditating.  Our focus and our thoughts also determine our reality.  Our present world and everything in it is a result of our focus or our meditations.  When we say we want to learn how to meditate, we are actually saying we want to learn how to meditate in way that produces better results. These better results that we are looking for may be better health, greater success, a more relaxed harmonious life, or a deeper spiritual connection.  All of these things can be experienced, by simply shifting our focus.

In order to experience the best possible reality we must shift our focus from the material to the spiritual. So the question is, are you going to constantly think and worry about the things of this world and experience the results of that meditation, or are you going to take time to go to the spiritual regions within yourself and experience the results of that meditation?  The latter includes the things of this world without the attachments, fears and worries. It also includes all the magic and mystery of experiencing the eternal.

Meditation can truly change a person’s life, but learning the actual process is only the beginning, even if you are using the highest form.  In order to achieve the best results one has to work on their walking meditation ( the way in which they approach their life) using additional meditation techniques.

Here a a couple more tools to help on the meditation path:

Positive Guru’s A Foundation In Metaphysics Series

A Foundation in Metaphysics is a series of 12 lessons and radio broadcasts from the archives of Craig Kimbrough’s Science of the Soul radio show. This is an incredible best of series talks lays out the perfect foundation for the spiritual and metaphysical path. It is the perfect mix of ancient information from the mediation masters and modern day positivity and understanding to jumpstart you into a whole new way of life. Now available on flash drive. Some of the topics are: 1. The Metaphysics of Here and Now, 2. The Secret Law of Non Attachment, 3. Getting Wisdom and Answers Within, 4. Knowing What You Really Want, 5. The Metaphysics of Dreams, 6. You Can’t Deny This World, 7. Sincerity Smooths The Road, 8. Exploring your Millionaire Idea, 9. When The Student Is Ready, 10. The Guru (A better Understanding, 11. Eastern Philosophy Meets Western Philosophy, 12. True Freedom in this World. This Series is currently only available on flash drive. Available soon on Amazon


Yes There Is a Science of The Soul Audio Lesson

On one incredibly magical night Positive Guru founder Craig Kimbrough gave an unforgettable talk at the Theosophical Society. The Subject Matter is as follows. “:Many of us speak of theorize and believe in the possibility of Miracles, The Kingdom of Heaven, and Reincarnation, while the meditation masters, and yogis test and prove these experiences in their own lives to be true.” The talk was given in the middle of a snowstorm and Craig was told that there would probably be little attendance. But to everyone’s surprise many old members who had not been for some time showed up to create a wonderful larger than usual audience. It proved to be a meeting unlike any other. To hear this lesson is a virtual stepping into that wonderful night. Currently available on flash drive only. Coming to Amazon soon


If you are in Michigan or get a chance to visit in person

The Positive Guru Meditation Center is located at 27908 Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills Michigan, USA., just north of 12 mile road, next to Arby’s. It is the headquarters for Craig Kimbrough and PositiveGuru.Com
During this beautiful season Craig Kimbrough and PositiveGuru.Com is holding meditation classes and meetings every Sunday at 11 am.

The Sunday class consists of either a talk or a discussion on ways that meditative techniques can enhance or improve our lives, and then after the talk or discussion there are usually questions and comments and then a brief meditation. At this time, Craig explains and walks the group through a guided meditation process.

These meetings are open to the public no matter what your level of meditation practice or understanding.