Be of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome This World (The Next 30 Days)

On the meditation path, there is a point in which the meditator can become so adept at the practice of superconscious meditation that they can travel to the upper worlds within and come back to this world at will. The gross outer world compared to the meditation world within becomes somewhat of a dream.

The more one has the expereinces of divine travels and sights within, the more dreamlike this life is. And the more at peace he becomes. Now the meditator is said to have overcome this wold. And is naturally of good cheer on account of realizing there is so much more to this life than he or she could have previously ever imagined. There is also a profound realization of a larger life beyond space and time.

“I came forth from the father and am come into the world, again. I leave the world and go to the Father.”

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    1. I agree. It sure is. Thank you for reading and sharing. Peace and Blessings

    2. I don’t know how I did not see this. Yes I agree, Meditation is awesome!

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