Hear Music by Positive Guru

What is Positive Guru Music? And What is it about?

Positive Guru is no one distinct genre. It is a mixture of a few genres that come together in a sound of its own.

It is dance music with a touch of hip hop and edm.

It is feel good music with a message designed to touch people.

It is an attitude and lifestye that says “the coolest thing in the world is peace and love and positivity.”

It is that music that you listen to when you want feel the groove and be uplifted and inspired

At the age of 15 or 16 I really discovered music in a whole new way. It started out as going to, giving and DJing parties. I was fascinated with the sound, the party, the flashing lights, and the whole atmosphere and culture. We would practice mixing in the basement for hours and hours, trying to perfect the mixes, and somewhere during that process I began to really love music.

Although I stepped away from being involved on that level long ago, the love of the sound never left. Now as I move back deeper into it, as I make music I strive to let go, and allow it to be a complete expression of who I am and how I feel . I do so for the people I I want to reach, with a style of peace, love, coolness, and spirituality, all of it’s own. Atleast that is the goal.

Craig Kimbrough / Positive Guru