The Marvelous Revolution

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How can I find my true place if I waste time worrying about what others are doing?

How can I share my vision with the world, If I compare myself to someone else?

We can spend our whole lives chasing what we don’t really want

And find ourselves wondering, “What is it really all about?”

I have so much to do. How can I possibly get to it all?

I can see it clearly when I remove what is in the way

Getting that stuff out the way is the marvelous revolution we’ve been waiting on

So I close my eyes and let go, to live out my true destiny


Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru







A Beautiful Message from a Positive Person Emily Eichenhorn

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From A Positive Person, Emily Eichenhorn:  As we approach the end of our High Holy Day season with Yom Kippur beginning this Friday night, my fellow Jews and I are wrapping up the process of examining our behavior over the past year and considering how to do better in the year ahead.
In the liturgy we read during these holidays, these steps for improvement are referred to as, T’Shuvah, which means, “to turn.”
The idea is that everyone can always make a course correction, turn away from past missteps, and continue on life’s journey along a different, and arguably better, path, unencumbered by the weight of the misdeeds we acknowledged. Kind of like the GPS in your car that recognizes when you’ve veered off the best route, accepts that you need to readjust, and maps out a new way for you to continue to travel toward your selected destination.
This is an important and empowering concept, certainly. But this year, I’ve been focusing on the other part of the T’Shuvah process: the part that emphasizes not the turning away from our past behavior, but instead requires us to turn toward other people.
Our tradition says that we can successfully move forward only after we have sought forgiveness from and apologized to other individuals we’ve wronged or with whom we’ve had conflict in the past year. In other words, when times are at the roughest in our interpersonal relations, we should make a concerted effort to turn toward each other, attempting to bridge whatever gaps have come between us, and aiming toward understanding and peaceful coexistence.
This idea seems particularly apt for these times. As tensions rise between neighbors and countries, and more and more we hear various forms of a “me and mine first” attitude, every effort to reconnect and engage at an individual level is a turn for the better. Empathy is a powerful, essential, tool for living. But it is often surprisingly easy to abandon in the throes of day-to-day existence. As we balance our own needs and desires against the effort it can take to consider someone else’s hurts or losses, our internal pathfinders turn us away from the strife that empathy could stir.
So, in that spirit, I want to apologize for any time I may have turned away from you in this past year, by failing to listen sincerely, by dismissing your fears, or in some other way keeping you or your concerns at arm’s length, and I forgive you for doing the same to me, whether inadvertently or not.
My wish for you and yours in the coming year is for great scenery along life’s path, strong connections within your community, surprising new relationships with old acquaintances or adversaries, a great sound track for your journey, health and strength to help you explore new roads, and peace in your home and heart.
L’Shana Tova—Happy New Year To You!
Craig’s Comments:  For the longest I have been wanting to feature positive people and share their positive ways or deeds.  When I first started the site years ago, I did, (only once or twice) but for some reason I stopped and never got back to it.  I think I was waiting for the perfect way. Anyway this morning I got this wonderful email from Emily, a customer from my gutter and window cleaning business.  Although I am not of the Jewish faith myself, the letter was so wonderful and filled with so many well intentions and good insight, that I wanted to share it, and her positivity with you.  I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired as I am to examine my life, make the changes needed, and reach out to others.
Peace and Blessings

An Incredible Journey To Travel

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I move away from achieving

and more into giving

I move away from proving

and more into being

I must live my life always giving, always being

and allow the universe to do its thing

I let go of what they think, and hang on to the mission

As I do these things, I must enjoy my life

I can see myself in Heaven living out my desires

The kingdom is at hand, right here right now

If I want love, I should give love

If I want money, I should be open to serve

If I want even more, I must be thankful

My hearts desires are right here with me

What I want, I focus on, and soon become

As soon as I believe, it has already taken place

The journey of a thousand steps happens one at a time

An unbelievable journey, I have traveled before


Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog



This Morning is Peace and Love

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This morning I think of the rainbow

and how we thought we could see where it ends

This morning  when I think of time

it seems like there is no such thing

Its like the whole world is smiling

while I am in this timeless place

beautiful thoughts and ideas are with me

as I hear the most beautiful horn playing

Oh what a wonderful place

What a wonderful way of being

when I step into the day

I want to take it with me

Do I stay here?

or take time to write about it

For the rest of my day

I want to live this peace and love


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog


We are all constantly meditating, thinking focusing, but what are we meditating on?

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All day every day we are focusing on one thing or another, our fears our hopes our dreams. If we are not careful this is what our meditation looks like. “Why is she mad at me?” “Why is he upset.” “How am I going to get that money?” or whatever or it is we are worried about.

All these thoughts and mantras, are okay, some are quite good, but the ancients say, and I agree, that if we put our attention on the spirit within, and meditate, and focus on the good, like things we are thankful for, the rest takes care of itself.  Ideas, information, help, show up out of nowhere, and we find ourselves experiencing great peace and happiness.

Peace and Blessings

Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru

What a great dream… What is your dream for today?

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I was meditating and talking to my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, who in this reality had passed on some 13 years ago.  The next thing I knew, I saw a group of people sitting in a circle. As I approached the circle, I was being told that our mission is to live and spread peace, love and happiness everywhere we go.  As I moved further into the circle I saw more light and I felt so good that it was unbelievable.  To tell you the truth, I could not tell if I was the one telling the group, or if someone was telling me all of this.  The one thing I did know, was that I was a major player in the this arena that I was in, and I felt great about the mission, and the fact that I was to play a part in it.  Then, I woke up. And I said to myself, “what a great dream!”

Upon awaening, I thought, “this is what my life is to be about.”  And I was so thankful for the experience.  I was reminded that we all need dreams and ideas to aspire to.  And my question to us all is, what is your dream for today?

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru

Today’s Poetry. . . Rather than seek attention

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Rather than seek attention

I would like to be authentic and truly be free

and forget about the other characters

I just want to give and not look back

This is the way I prefer to be

to move with the universe and the peace that I seek

We must not get caught up in what they think

The supporting actors in our great movie


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog