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One day MeditativeZone.Com and PositiveGuru.Com founder, Craig Kimbrough, was sitting in traffic and saw a Volkswagen Beetle.  It had a save the world type bumper sticker on it, and in his mind the car and the sticker symbolized expressing peace, love, and positivity.  He thought to himself the world needs more positive expression.  People need to see more positivity, and express more positivity.  If they did, the whole world would change simply from a shift in thinking.  In his  mind still in that instant while sitting in traffic just for a moment, he could see it.

For the rest of the day he could not get it out of his mind, both the concept and the brief vision of this new world.  He began to think about ways that people could focus on the positive and pass it on to others.   He thought about building a website devoted to this concept.  He became so obsessed with the idea he decided to let it go just to have peace of mind.

The next day in an attempt to let go.  He opened up a book to a random page for his message for the day.  He opened up a book titled Wise Words.  It was actually a book that he wrote based on the sayings of his meditation teacher.  He would open it up at times to remind him of his teacher and gain perspective.  The page he opened to was titled Birds of a Feather Flock Together.  Right in the middle of the page was a sentence that blew his mind.  It read, “to get the most out of life it is very important to spend time with other people who are positive minded”.  At one point the page even used the same phrase that turned out to be the name of the site he wanted to create.

The next week was a blur.  All Craig could think about was this positive movement.  More and more ideas came, but the basic idea was the same.  Have a way in which people can constantly remind themselves and others of the positive, where they can observe, express, and learn about positivity.  Ask them to live it and tell others about it.  Give them ways of continuing to do this as this as they move in their outside world.   Ask people to become positive gurus, spreaders of positivity and love.

Craig internetAbout Craig Kimbrough

Craig Kimbrough is the founder and director of positiveguru.com, meditativezone.com, the meditativezone community. He is the first student of Thomas Ambrister to teach super conscious meditation and  has taught thousands of people across the world how to meditate with his “highest form of meditation” over the internet for the past few years.  Craig has also taught meditation at Wayne County Community College for several years and  was the producer and host of Santmat: The Science of The Soul Radio Show heard in the greater Detroit area for a run of about 5 years.  He is the former owner of My Philosophy Of Life Bookstore, and the author of two books, What If My Soul Is Eternal and Heaven Is Everywhere, and  30 Days of … Metaphysics and Miracles in Your Life. He has weekly Satsang (meditation) meetings in which both his and Mr. Ambrister’s students attend, and people from all parts of the world tune in through his Meditativezone Community website.  Over the years, Craig has has become known for his incredibly entertaining and thought provoking stories and lectures and his deep but easy to understand content and teaching style.