A Dream And A Spiritual Awakening (From Craig’s Journal and the dream book)

I woke up from a dream that felt like it changed everything, so much to the point that I found myself saying, “I am finally there!” I guess you might say, “Finally where?” My answer is, finally able to be consistently in an enlightened state or atleast be there much more often, led by God and The Universe, where I am connected and happy pretty much all the time.

Over the years I have had many spiritual experiences. I have had countless times where I could see how things have magically lined up just for me. I have had things happen in my favor that should not have happened. I have gotten answers to deep burning questions in meditation. I have heard conversations people were having accross town, only to find out that what I heard was true. And I am a very happy person. But I still have felt as though I am not there, in my higher state, as much as I would like to be. I still get distracted and have at times entertained more worries and doubts than I would like. What I was seeing in my dream felt like it was about to change this. I felt like what I saw was an attainable goal, like such a person actually exists and I can be one of these people.

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In the dream I was seeing different types of people. These people were in categories, like Carl Jung described when ending with “self actualized man”. In the dream, the categories were being presented by either God, my higher self, or my teacher. Which one, I am not sure. The categories concluded with “The Endless Ones”, which seemed to be a titile for spiritual, more evolved, beings. I would elaborate more on the dream but this is all I remember, and yet seeing that vision of “The Endless Ones” and knowing that such a person existed felt so powereful.

When I heard the term and saw these people shining, most beautifully, I came out the dream knowing this is the type of person that I want to be for the rest of my life. “I want to be one of the endless ones, someone with a magical quality, who is truly connected with the Universe, perhaps beyond space and time even.” This may sound far fetched, but this is how I truly felt. I got up to write down what I needed to do to move into and consistently be this type of person. I wanted to make these action steps as simple and effective as possible.

What came to me quite keenly was:

1. I need to be meditating more, with my mind on the higher things in life all the time. Watching movies that remind me of it, aways speaking and conversing about the Universe and the beauty of life, this is what I need to do.

2. I also need to be constantly living, acting and moving as the person I envision as my character in my great movie, this incredible movie I have in my mind with me starring as this most exciting person.

“That’s it!” I thought. “These are my action steps for remaining in my enlightened mindstate, meditate all the time and method act for enlightenment. (See bolded numbers 1 and 2 above).Then I went into my library to reflect. I opened up three books randomly, hoping for a clear message telling me that I was correct. They all spoke on being being deeply connected with the OM vibration. And then coming out of that state as my best self, playing my role in life to the fullest. It was like God and the Universe was talking to me through the pages, elaborating on my dream.

I was reminded of many lessons I learned with my spiritual teacher, Mr. Ambrister. I reminisced on times when I had incredible things happen, that at the time seemed impossible and yet they happened. One of those times I asked God to wake me up at an unusual time. The time was 2:01 am. To my surprise my sister’s cat came in my room and woke me up. When I looked at the digital clock to my surprise, it was 2:01 am. I could not believe it. I felt like I was connected to the whole Universe which even included Amber, my sister Traci’s cat.

I was being shown and reminded how I was one of those higher beings like in my dream during such times. During these incredible times, my being so fucused on God, my growth, and the Universe seemed to change everything. It was like I was in a different world, one that was magical, filled with one miracle like expereince after another. And I must say. I was different. It was like I was me, but not me. I was on an incredible high, filled with wonder and excitement, knowing where I was going, with very little worry or concern.

My dream told me “this is how I have to be all the time, connected and in tune.” My reflections and rememberances after my dream told me that meditating often, keeping my focus, and being true to my authentic character, this is the key. This is what you have to do to stay there.

I wanted to share this for those who may have similar thoughts and aspirations. It’s for people who want to be happy most of the time, feel more connected and free, and have this be their usual state of being. I wanted to give steps that have worked for me in the past and make those steps as simple to follow as possible. Hopefully it will prove to be helpful.

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

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  1. I cannot comment on your actual post for some reason. I’ve found that commenting only rarely brings what I have to say to anybody’s page, speaking more of that one in the thought process. It’s not that you are wrong in your practices, although I might do this and not that and do that differently; it’s that there really is this state called enlightenment, which is an actual change of consciousness into another mode of consciousness entirely.

    1. Hello. Thank you for reading my post and commenting. Your thoughts are much appreciated. Peace and blessings.

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