Moments and Choices (Today’s Poetry)

Every moment we have a choice as to what we are to think.

What we are to do, where we are to go.

These choices help to shape who we are and where end up,

In this moment, in the next, and off into the future.

This all sounds very simple but can be quite profound.

We are constantly creating, new lives and states of being.

In the Universe difficult things are done as if they are easy

In the world we worry about how things will get done

Do we fret, worry and force or do we allow?

Do we happily move on the signs that we are given?

In Universe we talk about the things we love

In the world we complain on how things need to change

In the Universe things continue to work out beautifully

In the world we wonder why they don’t work out

In the world we feel that we can never win

Who want’s to feel and think life that?

In the Universe we are on time and don’t have to rush

In the world we are late and always rushing

In the Universe we love and are always happy

In the world we are angry and clinch our fists

In the Universe we eat what makes us feel good

In the world we eat bad and hold our stomachs

In the Universe we meditate and embrace where we are

In the world we don’t and wish we were somewhere else

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

So Many Thoughts (today’s poetry)

brown field and blue sky

I had a dream that I was living on the run

We were ducking and hiding in an unsafe place

I woke up to find it was only a dream

I was happy not to be in that realm any more

I realized how much I take my good for granted

Do I have enough compassion for those who suffer?

I just want to be in Heaven and still serve the world

My ego based thoughts seemed so far away

Do I want to be in the world and build my business?

Should I leave social media and give up the music scene?

Are these things needed for Heaven here and now?

So many thoughts came up after my dream

Carrying water and chopping wood before enlightenment

After enlightenment I must still do the same

Dive back into my pursuits and run with the world

Stay meditated and grounded and be enriched by my dream

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

Today’s Positive Thought.. Good Things Are Happening In Ways We Can’t Even See.

unrecognizable woman demonstrating light bulb in hands

If we don’t know how a situation will come together, and even if things appear not to be working in our favor, God and The Universe are at work. And good things are happening in ways that we can’t even see, and in ways we had not originally planned on. If we can remain open-minded and keep looking for the good, we will be able to see these divine interventions appear in our world much sooner.

If we can trust the process, and act accordingly, the situation often plays out even better than we originally planned on, and hoped for. This is just part of remembering that the Universe is with us and working for us all the time.

If we can remember this when going into meditation and let go of having to know how things will work out, we will have better focus and deeper meditations. If we can remember this as we walk through life, our life will be more enjoyable and we will see situations magically coming together more.

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

A Dream And A Spiritual Awakening (From Craig’s Journal and the dream book)

cumulus in the sky

I woke up from a dream that felt like it changed everything, so much to the point that I found myself saying, “I am finally there!” I guess you might say, “Finally where?” My answer is, finally able to be consistently in an enlightened state, led by God and The Universe, where I am connected and happy pretty much all the time.

Over the years I have had many spiritual experiences. I have had countless times where I could see how things have magically lined up just for me. I have had things happen in my favor that should not have happened. I have gotten answers to deep burning questions in meditation. I have heard conversations people were having accross town, only to find out that what I heard was true. And I am a very happy person. But I still have felt as though I am not there, in my higher state, as much as I would like to be. I still get distracted and have at times entertained more worries and doubts than I would like. What I was seeing in my dream felt like it was about to change this. I felt like what I saw was an attainable goal, like such a person actually exists and I can be one of these people.

adult book boring face
Photo by Pixabay on of young girl dreaming

In the dream I was seeing different types of people. These people were in categories, like Carl Jung described when ending with “self actualized man”. In the dream, the categories were being presented by either God, my higher self, or my teacher. Which one, I am not sure. The categories concluded with “The Endless Ones”, which seemed to be a titile for spiritual, more evolved, beings. I would elaborate more on the dream but this is all I remember, and yet seeing that vision of “The Endless Ones” and knowing that such a person existed felt so powereful.

When I heard the term and saw these people shining, most beautifully, I came out the dream knowing this is the type of person that I want to be for the rest of my life. “I want to be one of the endless ones, someone with a magical quality, who is truly connected with the Universe, perhaps beyond space and time even.” This may sound far fetched, but this is how I truly felt. I got up to write down what I needed to do to move into and consistently be this type of person. I wanted to make these action steps as simple and effective as possible.

What came to me quite keenly was:

1. I need to be meditating more, with my mind on the higher things in life all the time. Watching movies that remind me of it, aways speaking and conversing about the Universe and the beauty of life, this is what I need to do.

2. I also need to be constantly living, acting and moving as the person I envision as my character in my great movie, this incredible movie I have in my mind with me starring as this most exciting person.

“That’s it!” I thought. “These are my action steps for remaining in my enlightened mindstate, meditate all the time and method act for enlightenment. (See bolded numbers 1 and 2 above).Then I went into my library to reflect. I opened up three books randomly, hoping for a clear message telling me that I was correct. They all spoke on being being deeply connected with the OM vibration. And then coming out of that state as my best self, playing my role in life to the fullest. It was like God and the Universe was talking to me through the pages, elaborating on my dream.

I was reminded of many lessons I learned with my spiritual teacher, Mr. Ambrister. I reminisced on times when I had incredible things happen, that at the time seemed impossible and yet they happened. One of those times I asked God to wake me up at an unusual time. The time was 2:01 am. To my surprise my sister’s cat came in my room and woke me up. When I looked at the digital clock to my surprise, it was 2:01 am. I could not believe it. I felt like I was connected to the whole Universe which even included Amber, my sister Traci’s cat.

I was being shown and reminded how I was one of those higher beings like in my dream during such times. During these incredible times, my being so fucused on God, my growth, and the Universe seemed to change everything. It was like I was in a different world, one that was magical, filled with one miracle like expereince after another. And I must say. I was different. It was like I was me, but not me. I was on an incredible high, filled with wonder and excitement, knowing where I was going, with very little worry or concern.

My dream told me “this is how I have to be all the time, connected and in tune.” My reflections and rememberances after my dream told me that meditating often, keeping my focus, and being true to my authentic character, this is the key. This is what you have to do to stay there.

I wanted to share this for those who may have similar thoughts and aspirations. It’s for people who want to be happy most of the time, feel more connected and free, and have this be their usual state of being. I wanted to give steps that have worked for me in the past and make those steps as simple to follow as possible. Hopefully it will prove to helpful. If you would like to learn “The Highest Form of Meditation” on the om vibration, look for my How To Meditate Video on the learn meditaton page on my site

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

When I Hear The Om Vibration… (poetry)

brown field and blue sky

When I hear the Om vibration it means I am in tune. My mind has slowed down.  I am a part of everything. And nothing can go wrong.

When I hear the Om vibration it means I no longer have to search. I am in the place to be right now. I must know and remember this.

When I hear this wonderful sound, I now have the answer.  Even if it does not feel like it, I am on track once again.

At times it simply means to pay attention.  Othertimes it means that this is the answer, especially when I have been searching and it appears with a thought that I may have otherwise discarded.

When I hear this sound it means I should no longer have fear. I am moving into oneness. I should keep good thoughts of a world most do not know exists.

Hearing this melody means God and The Universe is with me, along with my teacher and my teachings.  I am blessed beyond comprehension.  As I continue to pay attention it will only get better.

As I tune in to this wonderful voice I am awakening in the dream, to my real state. I am peace. I am love. I am happiness. All is accomplished. Anything else is simply extra wonder.  I will see the magic of the Universe as I play my part and watch it unfold.

When I hear this universal vibration this is the end of worry, the begining of life beyond my dreams, the result of my meditations.  This is life anew. I must move with it.  Live by it. Cultivate it.

Why do I talk about the main road so often?

Why do I talk about the main road so often?

Because it is too  easily be forgotten.

When we are on the main road life is magical.

When we are off, we wonder “Just what is missing?”

Why do I talk about the main road?

Because when you are on it problems dissapear.

Years later we say I used to go through that.

And then we are amazed at how it seemed to correct itself.

Why do I speak about this wonderful road so much?

Because when I am on it I feel like I am barely here.

Each moment on it is extreemly special.

I just can’t believe how wonderful this life is.

Why do I speak on the main road all the time?

Because when I do I hear the eternal vibration.

This mighty Om should not be taken lightly.

It gives us peace and tells us what to do.

Why do I keep going back to this main road?

Because it’s the only place I really want to be.

When I am on it I remember that life is dream.

I see the Universe is with me everywhere I go.


Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru




A Seemingly Rude and Yet Positive Awakening (Interpreting a Dream for Embracing Life)

I found myself awakening from the strangest dream. It all took place in a dark setting even though it was daytime.  It was sort of like in certain movies when it seems like the theme is dark and the sun rarely shines.  In such a setting, even when the sun does shine, it seems to only peer through the darkness. This is how it felt in my dream, quite dark.

In the dream a very good friend of mine was working for my business and he also had a crew to help with his work.  He and his crew were stranded on the road, and could not get to the next job. Not only was he trying to get to the next job, but he was trying to get to my wife (The beautiful lady I was with in this strange dark world) He was very much interested in her sexually and about to make his move.  The two of us, my dream wife and I, were having some marital problems at the time and my friend in this realm knew this.  And yet, there he was pursuing her despite our friendship, and in despite of his own marriage. It was surprising, and felt like a big betayal.

I soon felt myself awakening, not understanding why I was having this strange dream.  I just kept laying on the bed asking why I would have such a dream, when I could have had any other dream.  Perhaps one much more positive is what I would have expected.  Then I remembered talking to my son about the movie Ground Hog Day, and how we must repeat situations until we get our lesson.  This begged the question. What was the lesson in this dream?

Then right away, my page for the day came to mind.  It was the very page I had read the day before in my book 30 Days of Metaphysics, Miracles and Enlightenment in Your LIfe.  This was the second book I wrote quite some years ago.  It is a combination of sayings and parables I learned from my teacher, and my explanations of them. Everyday I look at a page and make that my message. So do many other people who I know.  It’s the way the book was designed to be read and experienced. And as I said, the dream reminded me of my page I had read just the day before the unpleasant dream. Oh yeah, the page I got was titled “When Sexual Energy Is Aroused, It Has The Power Of 21 Buffalos.”

As I remembered my page I had an aha moment, where I laughed to myself as I thought about how my teacher would at times ask, “Have you ever tried to stop 21 buffalos?” I realized that in the dream this energy had definitely been aroused, atleast in my friend’s case for sure.  In the book it also mentions how we must be careful of the situations we place ourselves and our family members in.  As I thought this, I realized something interesting.  I was no longer upset by the dream.  I was enjoying figuring out the message.  I felt like the world was magical once again.  I now understood my friend in the dream, and I realized how in my dream I was not careful of the situations I placed my “dream wife” and “dream friend” in at the time. I also realized that in my world I must pay attention to such things more carefully, and never forget that we are all human. I could see it all so clealy.

At this point I felt honored that the Universe was talking to me through my dream.  I felt connected on account of my page showing up in my dream to give me a message.  I was reminded of how the lessons in my book seem to magically show up in the reader’s world. Many times people have told me this was the case in their lives when reading and applying their page in the book. And once again I knew I had to share the book and the message of how spiritually connected we all are with more people.

I also remembered what I shared with my son the evening before. When Phil in the movie Groundhog Day decided to lean into the lesson, his life became grand.  He magically became unstuck and was able to move on to the next wonderful day on account of really loving where he was and getting into the present adventure. This was the same thing I was doing while analising my dream. While thinking about all of this I was reminded that this is what life is all about, enjoying the here and now, looking for and getting the lesson, and becoming who the Universe wants us bo be.  I found myself looking forward to the next wonderful lesson in my life, knowing I am magically connected to it.

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

Story about Dr. Thind’s Two Second Meditation (The Next 30 Days)

My teacher, Mr. Ambrister, would often speak on how his teacher, Dr. Thind, would be giving a talk in front of an auditorium of people.  After sometime if you were really paying attention you could see that he was getting just a little tired.  Then great meditation master would suddenly look off to the side for a second or two and be recharged with incredible energy and a magnificent light in his eyes totally recharged and continue his talk.

One day when Mr. Ambrister and I were having a conversation, after years of telling me  the story many times, Mr. Ambrister shared with me that when Dr. Thind looked off for that quick second during his talk, that he actually went into a quick meditation and came back out.

The story always sounded like folklore or an unattainable state, until one day he suggested I did the same thing in an upcoming talk I had to give. I did try it when doing a talk for the Theosophical Society. To my surprise it worked! Just before giving my talk I took myself to a higher state, right before walking on stage, with this quick meditation just like my teacher suggested. I also did the same thing during my talk.  Afterwards, over the years I would use this method and slip into my higher state in seconds to come back charged, especially in challenging situations when I felt like I was in over my head. The more we meditate the more we are able to do such things.


Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

Life Is A Journey of So Many Choices (Today’s Poetry)

There comes a time when we have to choose,

What really matters and live from that.

The great ones live in many directiions.

When doing so be true to your soul.

Look for the shining star in your signs and your heart.

Remember your peace and live from that.

Be your true self outside of status.

When you are true you can’t go wrong.

When you look back you should like what you see.

Clear vision comes from divine meditation.

Life is a journey of so many choices.

Contemplate your soul you will shine brightly.


By CraigKimbrough PositiveGuru



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