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Craig Kimbrough and is holding meditation classes and meetings every Sunday at 10 am at the Positive Guru Meditation Center.  The Positive Guru Meditation Center is located at 27908 Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills Michigan, USA., just north of 12 mile road, next to Arby’s.  It is the headquarters for Craig Kimbrough and The talk is on also available on Facebook live at approximately 10:15 am every Sunday.

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The Sunday class consists of either a talk or a discussion on ways that meditative techniques can enhance or improve our lives, and then after the talk or discussion there are usually questions and comments and then a brief meditation.  At this time, Craig explains and walks the group through a guided meditation process.

These meetings are open to the public no matter what your level of meditation practice or understanding.

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In addition to the Sunday meditation classes, The Positive Guru Meditation Center also has

Breathing and gland exercise classes:  We practice a series of 16 different breathing exercises. These exercises are wonderful for promoting and maintaining good health. Each exercise is designed for specific health benefits and helping achieve a more peaceful state of mind.

Movie nights:  We have movie viewing and discussions that take place at the center. Besides being great films, the films chosen tend to have spiritual and metaphysical life lessons woven in them.  We view the film and then discuss the film and the insights found in it.

Positive Affirmation and Chanting Sessions:  Participants get to discuss life goals with positive like minded people. We also end with an affirming and Aum/Om chanting session of those goals.

Positive Discussions:  Participants have an opportunity to listen to and discuss views on chosen topics with other positive and spiritually minded people.