The Trailblazers

We see a trailblazer and say “That is me.” We see a life lived that speaks to our heart. We are being told “This is who I am. I am […]

A Wonderful Ashram On The Inner Planes (Today’s Poetry)

The Universe has blessed me with so many things. I have a beautiful fiancĂ©, wonderful kids, family and friends. I have a meditation family, a great home, a new truck. […]

It’s Time (Today’s Poetry)

It’s time for a new year. It’s time for a new start. It’s time for a new me. Its time for a new you. Time to go where we belong. […]

Looking For The Perfect Place (Today’s Poetry)

We are always looking for the perfect place. When so many times we are already there. A truth we must remember we are in the perfect place. If embrace where […]

Back To The Future, The New Golden Age (Today’s Poetry)

Do you remember the Golden Age? Believe it or not I remember it well. At times I wonder “How did I get there?” As I think back I got lost […]

And What Do I Do With The Rest Of My Life?(Today’s Poetry)

And what do I do with the rest of my life? Spread peace and love everywhere I go. Live the life of a positive guru. Stay connected and it will […]

Sometimes We Have To Step Back To Move Forward (Today’s Poetry)

Sometimes we have to step back. This can lead us to whom we have always been. When we look back we must search deep within. To step into the role […]

When I Step Into The Place Filled With Ojas (Spiritual Substance)

When I step into the place filled with ojas, It seems I’ve been meditating all day long. When I’m like this I can do no wrong. What’s the next move? […]

When You Are On The Beam

There is something inside that knows when you are on the beam. When you make it there you are truly in the zone. Being on the beam is like a […]