• Time to Go Back Home (Today’s Poetry)

    I have seen the whole Universe in the eyes my teacher. I have sat at the table of the banquet of light. I have had miracles in my life, way too many to count. These are not just pretty words to speak along the way. I have made it stop raining with just a thought. I have lived in Heaven while walking on this earth. I have traveled to other worlds without even taking a step. So why do I still have time to worry? Maybe I have taken my eyes off the prize and stepped off the red carpet one too many times? Maybe I have placed my mind…

  • The World (Today’s Poetry)

    When the world keeps us away from our meditations, reflections, and who we truly are, it is not a safe place When the world leads us back to our meditations, reflections and who we truly are, we are once again entering Heaven It is always up to us whether we enter Heaven, whether we leave, or whether we stay! Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

  • The Sun Shines Brightly When You Are Sincere (Today’s Poetry)

    There is not a moment to waste with what they think when you are on your mission. Find out what yours is and be true. When you are true to the mission all is righteous And the Universe is with you all the way Some will try to punish you for small things If you are focused on your mission, what you do is big You may even stumble along the way Move back into your focus and all is well The call of the Universe cannot be taken lightly When you answer the call you find your way It is not the doer who does the work The sun…

  • When You Are Serious (Today’s Poetry)

    When you are serious about changing your life things will happen as if by magic New information comes to mind and answers show up from out of nowhere When you are ready for the new place you seem to have a brand new focus you have a strength you never had and the Universe always has your back When you know that this is true you don’t have time to waste at all Your adventure is right where you are and you dare to move and take a chance   by Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru blog        

  • Can I Move With The Universe And Become One?

    What comes first and what comes second? Will I choose fear or will I choose the way? Will I choose anger or will I choose love? Will I take time to go within? Will I pay attention when I see signs? Can I allow things to reveal? Will I look for harmony while on the journey? Will I believe in God as the Universe speaks? Is it time for this or time for that? Will I be true to who I am? Can I let go of who I was? Move with the Universe and become one?   By Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog    

  • So Many Reasons

    How do I say “This place is magical”? There are so many things that we can’t see How do you share the miracles without appearing insane? Does it really matter what they may think? How do I reach who needs to be reached? What do I share and to whom do I share it with? What is my path and the best way to walk it? So many reasons to go within   Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog                    

  • I have looked

    I have looked for freedom off and on and yet have known how to attain it I have had periods of wonderful bliss and sights that most would long to see I have lived a freedom beyond belief but felt it for too short a time free from worries of right and wrong which way to go and what they may think Remembering this, I must go back to live again in the promised land where all is one, heaven is here and walk again the path of light And as I walk I must remember each moment a choice and choose the way to focus on beauty, and what…

  • If You Want To (Today’s Poetry)

    If you want to be a painter, paint If you want to be a dancer, dance If you want to be a singer, sing If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be a teacher, teach If you want to be a giver, give If you want to be a an artist, create If you want to be an architect, draw If you want to be a business person, do business If you want to be happy, Be happy If you want to be peaceful, be at peace If you want to be a lover, give love If you want to be a great meditation teacher,…