Today’s Poetry (Show Me The Way)

cropped-fb081-sun_and_sky_.jpgSometimes I get a glimpses of where I am going

Where I am going to seems different to me

I see where the world is going and feel I don’t fit

I want to be there but not in the same way

I want to be there but not so caught up

So I ask for help to show me the way

I want to be there and true to myself

I want to share while I learn to how let go

I want to love and I want to be free

Can these two actions be practiced at once?

Once again I come for direction

And ask you once more to show me the way?

Positive Guru Reminder: There is a way of being that is truly our own. Sometimes we have to go to God and The Universe for the answers and and visions we need and know that they can show up, be it in meditation, a dream or in our world as we go through life. Don’t hesitate to take the time to go within and don’t make the mistake of thinking that your deeper visions are not possible.

Craig Kimbrough
for Positive Guru Blog

When You Are Into The Process Your Whole Life Is About To Change (Today’s Poetry)

When you wake up from a dream that you don’t understand
take some time and ask “What is it trying to tell me?”

When you find yourself in a tough situation
ask God and the Universe “What do you want me to see?”

As you move throughout your life
know that everything is in harmony

The whole Universe is working to get you to
Where you want to be

Your answer as to what’s the next move
is showing up in all your steps

All you have to do
is be open minded and trust

trust in the process
and make it a game

The more you lean into it
the more magic you see

And when you see the magic
you can’t believe your eyes

You feel so good
on the most incredible high

All you want to do is see more
of how the whole Universe is with you

and revealing itself to you
right here in your world

This is the time
to be thankful

This is the time
to meditate and pray

This is the time
to live in light of the lesson

You are into the process
Your whole life is about to change

Positive Guru Application: Pay attention to your inner and outer world. Remember that there are no accidents, and that you are constantly getting hints and clues as to what your next move is in this great game of life. Also know that when you have the courage to act on the information you receive from being open minded and aware,your life changes for the better.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Guru Is Govinda,


ecause God is omnipresent, everything that shows up in our life is a way the eternal has shown up in our worlds to give us whatever it is we are to get out of the situation. The same is true of the mystical teacher except his or her sole purpose in our life is to be the instructor on the inner path. In other words the guru is the way God has chosen to manifest in your world to help you realize that you are one with God. This is also a reminder that the teachings of the guru are the words of God.

By Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought and Story (There were two great masters meditating)

his is a story told to me by a great spiritual master. There were two masters meditating. A man with very little understanding went up to the first master and played with his nose and tickled his whiskers while meditating. The master continued meditating. This same man went to the second master and played with his nose and tickled his whiskers. The second master also continued to meditate. Then the man went back to the first master and smacked him hard in the face. The master looked up at the man and smiled and went back to meditating. Then the man went to the second master and smacked him hard in the face. The second master got up and whipped the man’s behind. The great man telling me this story said “That second master, that was me.” Sometimes you have to know when stand up for yourself and get people up off you.

Let’s get back to our story. Both men were great masters with different levels of potential agitation and different characters. Know yours and be true. Do not be quick tempered, and at the same time do not hesitate to stand up when necessary. And by all means whatever you do remember to be one of those great masters and meditate often.

From the book wise words by Craig Kimbrough
Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (I could see it so clearly)


I meditated because I had no choice

My problems were so big I had no idea what to do

As I went within I was practically begging for answers

It wasn’t just for me but for those who I love


This place that I entered had a melody playing

The sound was so magical it pulled me right into it

As I felt myself floating I saw the most beautiful things

New situations in quick glimpses, I felt incredibly good


With these visions I heard instructions on how to live the rest of my life

My deepest questions were being answered in the midst of feeling wonderful bliss

I was inspired to do big things I had been urged to do before

There was much more clarity in how to carry out my mission


This mission was the same one I had glimpses of years ago

How could living it out be the answers to my latest challenge?

I asked this question once I came out and sat there bewildered

But while I was in the higher place I could see it so clearly


Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog




Today’s Positive Reminder (You can never get spiritual by denying yourself the things of this world.)


any times people think that in order to be spiritual they have to deny themselves of certain things that they are wanting in life.  Many times we find ourselves trying to run away from the world and avoid the things that we secretly desire.  When I met my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, I was only 21 years old.  One of the things he stressed was not to deny myself the things I was thinking about, and not to deny myself of my desires.  That set pretty well with me because I had many desires.  He explained, how we could not rush our way into spirituality.  It’s a long, long road to home, and it won’t help to rush our way there, by trying to hold back so to speak.  He also said even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it.  Just make sure you keep up your meditations.  I understood this because I knew as long as I kept up my meditations I would still be growing and my desires would be changing on a count of my focus.  I had already begun to have that experience.  So I knew that was true.  He would also tell me this story to keep this in mind at times when I might be starting to deny myself of certain desires.

Story about the monk


here were two monks out begging for food for the monastery.  One day one of the young monks said to the other monk, “Why are we out here begging for food for these old guys?  If I’m going to beg for anything, I’m going to beg for myself.”  The other monk said, “No, we have to do this.”  The first said, “No, no!  I’m going to go on my own.”  The young monk left the monastery.  When he left the monastery and went out on his own, the first person he met was a prostitute.  She was beautiful and he liked what he saw.  When he met her, he told her “Teach me the ways of the world.”  She looked at him with his shabby clothes and his long beard, and replied, “All my guys wear English cut suits.  Get away from here.  Go on.”  He respectfully nodded his head and went on about his business.  Later when he came back, he was so sharp she didn’t even recognize him.  He asked her again, “Teach me the ways of the world?”  This time she agreed.  Over the next several weeks she taught him how to gamble, how to play pool, all the ways of the world; all the exciting things he had been thinking about.  Throughout that process they ended up falling in love.  They got married.  He eventually got his fill of the world.  He had gotten his chance to get out and do all the things he had been thinking about.  At this point he goes back to the monastery.  When he goes back, he’s ready for that life, because he had experienced all the things of the world.  He experienced all those things that were in his head, haunting him.  He actually had to get away intially.


That’s how it is with us.  If we have any desires that we are secretly harboring, and we’re not living then out, the feeling will intensify. We don’t have to be wild about it, but we must fulfill our needs.  If we don’t, they will come out in a big unnatural way.  It will be far worse than if we would have gone ahead and lived out our desires.  In addition to this, when you sit down to meditate, if you have these desires on your mind, that’s what’s going to appear in your mind in meditation.  Instead of meditating on what you should be meditating on, you’ll be meditating on Kal, meditating on the things of the world.  Your mind will be focusing on those things when it should be centered on the spirit within.  It still won’t do you any good.

So of course the moral of the story is, you cannot deny yourself the things of the world.  We absolutely cannot get spiritual by doing that.  What we should do is go ahead, get the experience – both the bad and good from it, learn the lesson that goes along with it and continue to meditation often.  If we continue to meditations deeply, we’re less attached as we live out our desires.  We’re able to catch the lessons quicker. 

from Wise Words by Craig Kimbrough

Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Poetry (Lila)


Her name is Lila and she is so beautiful

You could say that she is the past time of the Lord

but you have to have eyes to see her

Or else her sweetness and beauty will easily pass you by


Some would say you are on the great playground

And now is the time to learn to enjoy the great game

But if you do not realize that it is  a game

How much fun are you truly having?


Maybe it is time to see what others do not see

Maybe it is my moment to be at one with the sun

Perhaps it is our time to dance in the rain

And party in the moonlight with Lila once again


Maybe it is time to run with the wind

meditating for strength and then running with the world

Maybe it is really time to hang out with my girl Lila

Transfixed by her beauty while I bask in her presence



Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog





This is no coincidence

This is no coincidence, my going through this challenge

It is leading me to something better if I can embrace the situation

Even though it seems impossible at this moment

There is an incredible answer that is right here with me

For this reason I am going to meditate

So I can become more open to where you are trying to lead me

I will let go of all ideas of what my solution may look like

and be thankful for this challenging situation

If it were not so challenging

I may not have ever become this open

but now I am so please show me the way

Once again I am thankful for you getting my attention

I can barely feel my body I am now in the zone

Maybe I was just being led to where I am at this moment

Maybe being here right now has already changed it all

What comes next can only be incredible

I remain open to the signs everywhere I go

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (taking me to wonderful new places)

The Universe is taking me to new places

Places I would love to be, but was putting off going

It is funny how we put off the wonderful new place.

We avoid the work and changes, because our dream seems so far off

So the Universe gives us another chance

And destroys all comfort to help change our mind.

We soon find ourselves backed into a corner

A wonderful opportunity, if we can see the way

Seeing the way becomes the new objective

Following the way is harder, yet it is the key

Where are you trying to take me?

What ideas have I overlooked that can help me find the way?

I will follow wherever you lead me

I will meditate more to help remove my smaller self

This is my new way of life

The wonderful new places are already here in the midst of my changes


Craig Kimbrough (For Positive Guru Blog)



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