Today’s Positive Poetry (taking me to wonderful new places)

The Universe is taking me to new places

Places I would love to be, but was putting off going

It is funny how we put off the wonderful new place.

We avoid the work and changes, because our dream seems so far off

So the Universe gives us another chance

And destroys all comfort to help change our mind.

We soon find ourselves backed into a corner

A wonderful opportunity, if we can see the way

Seeing the way becomes the new objective

Following the way is harder, yet it is the key

Where are you trying to take me?

What ideas have I overlooked that can help me find the way?

I will follow wherever you lead me

I will meditate more to help remove my smaller self

This is my new way of life

The wonderful new places are already here in the midst of my changes


Craig Kimbrough (For Positive Guru Blog)



4 Replies to “Today’s Positive Poetry (taking me to wonderful new places)”

    1. You and me both do not like this destroying of comfort. And I agree sometimes it is the only way. For this reason, I am working on learning to see this destruction as a good thing while it is occurring. For me this is key to moving to the new wonder filled place.

      As always I love and enjoy your wonderful comments and thank you for sharing. Peace and Blessings

  1. I keyed in on that point referring to comfort as well. Lately I have been trying to fully realize what that means. You hear that phrase a lot, “get out of your comfort zone,” but realizing it…

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