Today’s Positive Poetry (I could see it so clearly)


I meditated because I had no choice

My problems were so big I had no idea what to do

As I went within I was practically begging for answers

It wasn’t just for me but for those who I love


This place that I entered had a melody playing

The sound was so magical it pulled me right into it

As I felt myself floating I saw the most beautiful things

New situations in quick glimpses, I felt incredibly good


With these visions I heard instructions on how to live the rest of my life

My deepest questions were being answered in the midst of feeling wonderful bliss

I was inspired to do big things I had been urged to do before

There was much more clarity in how to carry out my mission


This mission was the same one I had glimpses of years ago

How could living it out be the answers to my latest challenge?

I asked this question once I came out and sat there bewildered

But while I was in the higher place I could see it so clearly


Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog




2 thoughts on “Today’s Positive Poetry (I could see it so clearly)

    1. Thank you for sharing Jill. I am glad to know you enjoyed the poem. I agree meditation is truly a wonderful practice and a great way to find answers and renewal. I, like you, also find it reaffirming when I read about and see others benefiting from the same process. Glad to see you are still visiting and reading. Peace and Blessings.

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