Today’s Positive Thought and Story (There were two great masters meditating)

his is a story told to me by a great spiritual master. There were two masters meditating. A man with very little understanding went up to the first master and played with his nose and tickled his whiskers while meditating. The master continued meditating. This same man went to the second master and played with his nose and tickled his whiskers. The second master also continued to meditate. Then the man went back to the first master and smacked him hard in the face. The master looked up at the man and smiled and went back to meditating. Then the man went to the second master and smacked him hard in the face. The second master got up and whipped the man’s behind. The great man telling me this story said “That second master, that was me.” Sometimes you have to know when stand up for yourself and get people up off you.

Let’s get back to our story. Both men were great masters with different levels of potential agitation and different characters. Know yours and be true. Do not be quick tempered, and at the same time do not hesitate to stand up when necessary. And by all means whatever you do remember to be one of those great masters and meditate often.

From the book wise words by Craig Kimbrough
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