When You Are Into The Process Your Whole Life Is About To Change (Today’s Poetry)

When you wake up from a dream that you don’t understand
take some time and ask “What is it trying to tell me?”

When you find yourself in a tough situation
ask God and the Universe “What do you want me to see?”

As you move throughout your life
know that everything is in harmony

The whole Universe is working to get you to
Where you want to be

Your answer as to what’s the next move
is showing up in all your steps

All you have to do
is be open minded and trust

trust in the process
and make it a game

The more you lean into it
the more magic you see

And when you see the magic
you can’t believe your eyes

You feel so good
on the most incredible high

All you want to do is see more
of how the whole Universe is with you

and revealing itself to you
right here in your world

This is the time
to be thankful

This is the time
to meditate and pray

This is the time
to live in light of the lesson

You are into the process
Your whole life is about to change

Positive Guru Application: Pay attention to your inner and outer world. Remember that there are no accidents, and that you are constantly getting hints and clues as to what your next move is in this great game of life. Also know that when you have the courage to act on the information you receive from being open minded and aware,your life changes for the better.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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  1. Ram Nam teacher, thank you so much for you, for your teachings, this place, your blog posts, this community, the Enlightenment Lessons. I loved hearing the laughter of your group of students in that lesson. I love being connected in this place. Thank you all so much!

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