Today’s Poetry (Lila)


Her name is Lila and she is so beautiful

You could say that she is the past time of the Lord

but you have to have eyes to see her

Or else her sweetness and beauty will easily pass you by


Some would say you are on the great playground

And now is the time to learn to enjoy the great game

But if you do not realize that it is  a game

How much fun are you truly having?


Maybe it is time to see what others do not see

Maybe it is my moment to be at one with the sun

Perhaps it is our time to dance in the rain

And party in the moonlight with Lila once again


Maybe it is time to run with the wind

meditating for strength and then running with the world

Maybe it is really time to hang out with my girl Lila

Transfixed by her beauty while I bask in her presence



Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog





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