This is no coincidence

This is no coincidence, my going through this challenge

It is leading me to something better if I can embrace the situation

Even though it seems impossible at this moment

There is an incredible answer that is right here with me

For this reason I am going to meditate

So I can become more open to where you are trying to lead me

I will let go of all ideas of what my solution may look like

and be thankful for this challenging situation

If it were not so challenging

I may not have ever become this open

but now I am so please show me the way

Once again I am thankful for you getting my attention

I can barely feel my body I am now in the zone

Maybe I was just being led to where I am at this moment

Maybe being here right now has already changed it all

What comes next can only be incredible

I remain open to the signs everywhere I go

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

I love discovering the mysteries of God and The Universe. My goal is to allow as much of the infinite to come through as freely as possible as I live my life as a father, husband, son, brother friend, meditation teacher, writer, and business owner. I teach meditation, interpret dreams, write, and try to share as much as I learn along the way as possible.


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