An Incredible Journey To Travel

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I move away from achieving

and more into giving

I move away from proving

and more into being

I must live my life always giving, always being

and allow the universe to do its thing

I let go of what they think, and hang on to the mission

As I do these things, I must enjoy my life

I can see myself in Heaven living out my desires

The kingdom is at hand, right here right now

If I want love, I should give love

If I want money, I should be open to serve

If I want even more, I must be thankful

My hearts desires are right here with me

What I want, I focus on, and soon become

As soon as I believe, it has already taken place

The journey of a thousand steps happens one at a time

An unbelievable journey, I have traveled before


Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog



8 thoughts on “An Incredible Journey To Travel

  1. Isn’t it funny that something as simple as allowing the Universe to do its thing is so hard? That we trip over our own feet so many times? A good reminder for me today–thank you!

    1. Yes it is quite funny how hard it can be to just allow the good to happen. And you are so right. We often do it to ourselves and block the good trying to occur. But even just realizing that this is happening is a big thing, and puts us on a new track so to speak. I thank you for your insightful and wonderful comments Kristine. Peace and Blessings.

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