To Heaven Here and Now (Today’s Poetry)

From ok to good. From good to great. From great to incredible. From darkness to light. From ego to oneness. To Heaven here and now. From sleeping to waking. From begining to being. To a brand new story. From yesterday to today. From to tomorrow to right now. To living in the moment. From next time to this time. From

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Walking The Heavenly Way

Look at where you are right now. Know this is where you are meant to be. Realize it is the route to your perfect place. Look for the Universe to guide you further. Know that your life has hidden treasures. Remember that this moment is filled with them. See that you are a success here and now. Why? Because you

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A Whole New Dream (Today’s Poetry)

Once I get the lesson the karma is transcended As I get the message this changes the dream When I really get it I will be one It’s peace and love do you really hear me? I created this you created that All for the lesson you and I are one I want to understand I must dive deeper To

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God And The Universe Shining on Me (Poetry)

How do I become a better person through this? How do I turn adversity into my best friend? How do I move to the new place? And see God and the Universe are shining on me? I tell myself “this is happening for a reason.” I look for the lesson everywhere I go. I thank the Universe for getting my

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And Fulfill My Mission (Today’s Poetry)

I saw him walking out of the place. It happened so fast I couldn’t catch him. Then I looked up and saw him again. This time I caught him and grabbed his shoulder. “I was told that you were gone. “ He looked back at me, and didn’t say a word. But his expression said so much. “It is you

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Now I know (Today’s Poetry)

Now I know it’s you Im in love with. And I have been searching for oh so long. I don’t think I can be lonely again. You are with me everywhere I go. It is so clear there is nothing to hide. Because there is really nothing to prove. What do I want people to know . When I am

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Glimpses of A Golden Age (Today’s Poetry)

They did not realize that they were in Heaven. Sometimes it’s like that when you are in a special place. They came from different backgrounds and yet they were one. Exploring the Universe while with a great teacher. They studied and worshiped and became like family. As they meditated and reflected the world dissapeared. The place where they met was

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My Best Friend Is The Universe

My best friend is the is the Universe. Like my road dog, we hang all the time. Or like my girl who I just can’t leave. When I meet a new one, its her on my mind. It’s like Mom and Dad, It tells me what to do. And like my Guru who surely leads the way. Always right there

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