Today’s Poetry (As I Sat There Analyzing)


As I sat there analyzing my dream
I could see it was built upon thoughts of the previous day
My words thoughts and actions came back to life
And I would not even see this if I thought it was all by chance

Realizing the harmony it was so amazing
As I live my life I create all the time
Whole new worlds that I travel into
Complete with new scenery in my dreams at night

So I asked myself what about this dream?
Where does it come from? From where is it built?
Is it any different from the ones I dream at night?
Or is this the night and those dreams the day?

In a flash of strange knowledge, I was told it’s the same
This day is a dream I myself have built
Based on thoughts and actions from the previous day
And the dreams that I have, when I sleep at night

Positive Guru Application
: Pay attention to your focus. Keep your mind in a positive atmosphere. Your focus determines your actions and your thoughts, which also determine where you find yourself next.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog
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