An Inner Roadside Revelation

I was standing by the roadside when four ministers pulled up with the window rolled down. They told me how lucky I was to have such a wonderful church, as they pointed to the large beautiful structure behind me. As I looked back at the place that seemed to stretch for miles, I recognized that this structure was the one I had seen so many times within.

I always thought of this magnificent structure as a wonerful ashram or temple, that although within a dream, seemed to be quite real. This time I was being told that this was my place, where I was to teach meditation and share the light, and remind people how we are all one.

Right in the midst of this roadside revelation I began to understand that I have this same place right here, right now in my world, and it should be cultivated. When I came out of this dreamlike vision, I could see possibilities for the scope of my own ministry in a way which I had not seen before . I saw my blog, books, classes, and various ways I was to share as being that wonderful place I’ve seen so many times within. And I have to admit, it felt quite good.

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

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