Craig answers a question on meditation and headaches

Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation.
Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Question: I know the idea is to get to the point where my attention is on the seventh chakra and I understand that this is the higher one but I notice that when I meditate on the 6th chackra or the eyebrow center I have great meditations and feel great after the meditations.  When I meditate on the seventh chackra on top of the head, I seem to have headaches afterwards.  It’s also easier to meditate on the sixth.  What’s up with this?

Craig’s answer: The headaches are  most likely coming from looking with your eyes to the top of the head.  When focusing on seventh center, imagine that your whole being is there but do not look with the eyes.  Even though your eyes may be closed it is easy to still look with the eyes when focusing.  If you can do it without looking, the experience will be much more pleasurable without the headaches.  But the truth of the matter is if you effectively focus on the sixth force center or the eyebrow center your attention will automatically move to the top of the head anyway.

Today’s Positive Poetry (When The Traffic on the Road is Clear)

English: The road is clear First traffic acros...

When the traffic on the road is clear, there are no cars in my way

Having no obstructions, I arrive at my destination in an instant

Arriving so freely, I fully embrace the here and now

Embracing the here and now, every moment seems magical

Why am I so happy? because my road is so easy

Why am I so happy? because I am exactly where I want to be

Why am I so happy? because now is the perfect time

Why am I so happy?  because I know how to clear the road


My mind is so clear , My mind is so clear


Positive Meditative Thought (“When you have the kind of problems that you have, you need to be meditating all day long”)

My teacher Mr. Ambrister

Mr. Ambrister

(18 years ago)  I was struggling and hoping to get some advise on how to deal with what seemed to be an impossible situation. I called my meditation teacher, Mr. Ambrister, and told him about my situation.  He said Sonny you have to meditate more.  I said “meditate more what do you mean?  I meditate 3 times a day.  I teach meditation and breathing classes here at my bookstore on Sunday and Wednesdays.  There are days that I will close myself off from the world and meditate a whole day.”  Mr. Ambrister laughed and said “Sonny when you have the kind of problems that you have you have to meditate all day long.”  Then I understood.

I had a busy life with many aspects to it.  I had a wife and kids.  I had my gutter and window cleaning business.  I also had a metaphysical bookstore.  I also had meditation students to deal with.  And at this time, during my first marriage, I was desperately struggling to hold together my marriage and family.  I was in over my head.  The problems were mounting.  When Mr. Ambrister told me that “with the problems I have I need to be meditating all day long”, it reminded me of something else he used to say.  “It shall take all the strength that God can give you, simply to live my friend, simply to live.”

I needed to let God and my higher self handle the problems and my life.  I needed to be chanting my mantra all throughout the day, while walking from place to place, or working, to raise my vibration.  When I was riding in the car, I needed to be listening to information of a higher order.  When I got home, I needed to be watching movies that reminded me of the magic of Gods Universe.  Even when I spent time with my wife and kids or with my business, I needed to be reminding myself that they are sent from God and I am an instrument serving God at every moment.  I needed to be meditating all day long.


Today’s Positive Thought (Find your place under the sun and be there)




od created everything.  He made the sun, the moon, the earth, the people and the animals.  God also created the trees.  Each tree bears it’s own fruit, and the birds flock accordingly.


We have to be more like the trees.  A tree knows its place.  You don’t find the apple tree trying to bear coconuts.  The weeping willow knows it belongs near the lake.  The palm tree only shows up in warmer climates.  When the trees bear their fruit, the birds, insects, bees etc., come automatically.  The tree doesn’t have go out chasing after them.  We must find our place under the sun, and be there.  We just need to be true to our nature and the rest will come on it’s own.


Do what you love.  Be who you truly are.  Trust that God knew what he was doing when he made you that way


Craig Kimbrough

from the book Wise Words

Today’s Positive Thought (Is the Universe Trying To Get My Attention?)

Sun and clouds

Today’s Positive thought comes from my third book Walk This Earth Like a King.

Are you currently going through a challenging situation?  Do you sometimes have an empty feeling like something is missing?    Or maybe you have something going on that is agitating you and you feel like this unsettling feeling keeps showing up over and over again?  If so believe it or not this can be a positive thing, if you can recognize what is happening.

Our whole life, everything we experience, is the outcome of our past actions and the way we see and interpret the world.  Understanding this, we have to remember that when something bad happens, it has only happened to get our attention.  It’s occurring in order for us to finally let go of our old ways of doing things and seeing situations.  Most of us make very little changes as long as we remain comfortable.  The problem is the more beautiful places waiting on us call for us to grow and change before we get there.  So the universe finds ways to shake us up and help us get to where we would ultimately love to be.  But we must embrace the lesson in order to get there.

So when we find ourselves agitated we must ask the question. What wonderful thing is this trying to move me to?  What do I have to learn in order to get there? Then we must be thankful for God and the universe getting our attention.  If you can go through your day with this in mind, what follows will surprise you.

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought, Being Thankful Is Deeper Than We Usually Think

Thank you
Thank you (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver)

I remember there was a time in which I had several people who needed my help and insight on some meditation matters.  One or two had called and left messages and others had emailed me.  The funny thing was I did not feel like I had the time to deal with them right away because I was busy working on a plan to reach more people, a larger amount of people, to help with meditation matters.  Once I became more thankful for the opportunity to help right where I was, God sent me more people to help.

With my gutter and window business I had a period in which business was slow.  During this same time period, I can’t tell you how many jobs I turned down in other related areas from my regular customers.  I realized God was trying to help me and became thankful for the opportunities coming my way.  Then I decided to start adding the other services.  Right after I let my customers know we were available for the other services, I was instantly busy again.

These are just a couple of ways in which being thankful for the moment and all contained within it have truly made a difference.


Today’s Positive Thought and Reminder (work from the mystical state or your deeper mind and allow the answers to come)

Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation.
Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have something on your mind that needs working out, try to work from the mystical state.  Rather than trying to figure it out and get stressed out in the process, try to leave it with God, The Universe, and or your deeper mind, that positive place within that has the answers.  Tell yourself what you need worked out, remind yourself that it is already worked out, then meditate.  Let go of the problem and be prepared for the answer to just show up.  Also be happy knowing the answer will come.  The rest of the day do all you can to keep in a higher state of mind.  You can listen to uplifting talks or music.  Watch uplifting movies.  If you are a meditator, you can repeat your mantra throughout the day.  If you can truly let go and keep your mind on positive things, the answer will come.

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