Today’s Positive Thought (Is the Universe Trying To Get My Attention?)

Sun and clouds

Today’s Positive thought comes from my third book Walk This Earth Like a King.

Are you currently going through a challenging situation?  Do you sometimes have an empty feeling like something is missing?    Or maybe you have something going on that is agitating you and you feel like this unsettling feeling keeps showing up over and over again?  If so believe it or not this can be a positive thing, if you can recognize what is happening.

Our whole life, everything we experience, is the outcome of our past actions and the way we see and interpret the world.  Understanding this, we have to remember that when something bad happens, it has only happened to get our attention.  It’s occurring in order for us to finally let go of our old ways of doing things and seeing situations.  Most of us make very little changes as long as we remain comfortable.  The problem is the more beautiful places waiting on us call for us to grow and change before we get there.  So the universe finds ways to shake us up and help us get to where we would ultimately love to be.  But we must embrace the lesson in order to get there.

So when we find ourselves agitated we must ask the question. What wonderful thing is this trying to move me to?  What do I have to learn in order to get there? Then we must be thankful for God and the universe getting our attention.  If you can go through your day with this in mind, what follows will surprise you.

Craig Kimbrough

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  1. This is so true, what happens now is the result of our past actions. In times of hardship it is only hope that can pull us through. I can totally relate 🙂

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