Craig answers a question on meditation and headaches

Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation.
Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Question: I know the idea is to get to the point where my attention is on the seventh chakra and I understand that this is the higher one but I notice that when I meditate on the 6th chackra or the eyebrow center I have great meditations and feel great after the meditations.  When I meditate on the seventh chackra on top of the head, I seem to have headaches afterwards.  It’s also easier to meditate on the sixth.  What’s up with this?

Craig’s answer: The headaches are  most likely coming from looking with your eyes to the top of the head.  When focusing on seventh center, imagine that your whole being is there but do not look with the eyes.  Even though your eyes may be closed it is easy to still look with the eyes when focusing.  If you can do it without looking, the experience will be much more pleasurable without the headaches.  But the truth of the matter is if you effectively focus on the sixth force center or the eyebrow center your attention will automatically move to the top of the head anyway.

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