Today’s Positive Thought (Find your place under the sun and be there)




od created everything.  He made the sun, the moon, the earth, the people and the animals.  God also created the trees.  Each tree bears it’s own fruit, and the birds flock accordingly.


We have to be more like the trees.  A tree knows its place.  You don’t find the apple tree trying to bear coconuts.  The weeping willow knows it belongs near the lake.  The palm tree only shows up in warmer climates.  When the trees bear their fruit, the birds, insects, bees etc., come automatically.  The tree doesn’t have go out chasing after them.  We must find our place under the sun, and be there.  We just need to be true to our nature and the rest will come on it’s own.


Do what you love.  Be who you truly are.  Trust that God knew what he was doing when he made you that way


Craig Kimbrough

from the book Wise Words

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