Understanding The Guru Concept

Lotus - Delicate
Lotus – Delicate (Photo credit: Umang Dutt)

My teacher, Mr. Ambrister, used to say that “I am much different when my students are around.”  This is just one of several sayings he had that helped to understand what it means to be a Guru.  With this saying he was trying to stress the point that although he was our teacher and Guru, he was still very much human.  He was a man, growing in life, just like the rest of us, but when the subject of God and Spirituality came up he was a whole different person.  It was as though God came directly through him to talk to us and give us insights and answers to whatever was going on in our world.  And I must say everything he told me was like a message from God, and he was always right.   He even described what my life would be like years after his passing, predicting things that no one should be able to. And yes he was right on the money.

He once told me that the day that I met him, the questions I had were so deep that he did not even have the answers to them.  Yet he answered them all quite eloquently.  He said that as fast as I asked the questions, the answers were flying out of his mouth and he had no idea where the answers were coming from.  I have had similar experiences with my students and wondered “Where did the information I shared come from?”   Sometimes I would want to literally stop and write down the answers I would be giving.  During such times I realized I was like my teacher, much different when my students were around.

As far as how this relates to the positive path.  It does not get much more positive than this.  The idea is that a Guru is a human vessel that God comes through in order to help you realize more of your oneness with God or all positivity, yet very much human, growing into more of the oneness also.  During such times when with students the teacher is so tuned into the spiritual that he or she loses himself or herself in the process so more of God and the Universe can come through.  The truth is that we are all human vessels that God can come through.  The more we tune in and let go of our ego, the more we allow the light to come through.  “Do not hide your lamp under a bushel.”

As I originally said this is just one of the things my teacher would speak on that helped to understand the guru concept.  I will be sharing more in the near future.



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