Today’s Positive Thought (Ask yourself, What do you think the world needs to see?)

Photo of Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday pa...
Photo of Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday party at Hotel Bel Air (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw Oprah Winfrey in an interview with the cast for the movie The Butler.  She said something that was very interesting.  She said that some time ago she came to the conclusion that she did not plan on acting any more and was hesitant about taking the role.  Oprah said that what made her decide to take the role as the wife in the upcoming movie, was that she felt that the world needed to see a middle class African-American family in a drama on-screen.  As she pointed out you do not see this very often.  She also pointed out other attributes that she felt that the world needed to see brought out by this character in the film.

As I watched her talk I thought to myself what is it that I want the world to see?  What part do I need to play on the big screen of life in order for it to be seen?  What is it that I want my children to see to be inspired to live the best life that they can?  What is my new movie and role going to look like?

Don’t be mistaken, we are all playing a part and it is being watched by the world.  Some of our parts are being played marvelously and serve as an inspiration to others.  .  Some of our parts may not be so interesting.  Some of us have played great roles but now it is time for another.  It is up to us what part we are to play.  If we pay attention to our hearts and intuitions we will be contacted and asked to play the role of a lifetime.  If we are still here it is not too late.

This is my question to you.  What is it that you feel the world needs to see from you?  Are you willing to do what it is you have to do to play that role?

14 thoughts on “Today’s Positive Thought (Ask yourself, What do you think the world needs to see?)

  1. I love this. I think the world needs to see a little more positivity. And innovation in communication. And ME! 🙂 But really, this is a wonderful thing to make people ponder, so thank you! Have a Happy Happy Day!

  2. The world needs to see that we, the human race, are One. This includes the good, and the bad. The world needs to see that Love is the answer. The part I am playing to enforce this is through posting my personal experiences on my blog. I am promoting love and compassion through my book. I am promoting love by operating from a place of love on a daily basis. Sometimes it is very challenging but I keep trying. When everything we do comes from a place of love, compassion, and unity follows.
    Love, light, and blessings

    1. Thank you for sharing your way of promoting what you want to see in the world. I am sure that your wonderful blog and way of being is making it a reality. I agree we need to know that we are One and see Love is the answer. Peace and Blessings

  3. I think the world needs a book on the invisible illnesses (mental) – a book so powerful you cannot put it down and will never look at anyone the same way again. There is a tendency in our world to judge others: clean hair, well groomed, nicely dressed, they must be just fine. Appearances are never what they seem. Everyone has a backstory. I want to share a backstory so moving that helpers, healers and sufferers will not only be able to relate but put in to practise some of the manners the rude old world of assumption can kill on sight. Found you through V.A. Farria, nice blog. On a lighter note, What the world needs now is Love Sweet Love, that’s the only thing there’s just too little of… by Jackie DeShannon on youtube 🙂

    1. Thank you I am glad you like the blog. I have to tell you, your book sounds incredibly interesting. I am not just saying that to be nice, I really mean it. I can tell that you are very passionate about the subject. Your description pulled me in right away.

      1. Oh my, that is very encouraging to me, thank you for the inspiration to continue and write on, Craig, I’ll definitely post here when I can get it done 🙂

      1. You are so welcome Craig and yes I did enjoy your article and my 670 readers did too. I am so happy because my readership is continually growing.

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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