If Thy Eye Be Single Thy Whole Being Will Be Filled With Light (The Next 30 Days)

Quite often Mr. Ambrister would say this just prior to meditation. “If Thy eye be single thy whole being will be filled with light.” In time I began to realize that this statement is quite true.

When our focus is on the oneness and beauty of the Universe, and our attention is collected in the eyebrow center during the meditation process, our mind is off the cares of the world and our vision becomes single, focused, no longer scattered. At this point we move into a state of oneness, feeling at one with everyone and everything. During this experience we can at times see and feel light throughout our entire body.

This process brings about healing and changes in body, mind, and soul. Sometimes curing ailments of the body, and other times helping us to see situations with a whole new perspective. At times we can even feel ourselves being one with the light, feeling a strength power and sense of peace that is beyond description.

Again we can move into this state by a combination of seeing and looking for the good in all situations, and by practicing the meditation.

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