Today’s Positive Thought.. Good Things Are Happening In Ways We Can’t Even See.

If we don’t know how a situation will come together, and even if things appear not to be working in our favor, God and The Universe are at work. And good things are happening in ways that we can’t even see, and in ways we had not originally planned on. If we can remain open-minded and keep looking for the good, we will be able to see these divine interventions appear in our world much sooner.

If we can trust the process, and act accordingly, the situation often plays out even better than we originally planned on, and hoped for. This is just part of remembering that the Universe is with us and working for us all the time.

If we can remember this when going into meditation and let go of having to know how things will work out, we will have better focus and deeper meditations. If we can remember this as we walk through life, our life will be more enjoyable and we will see situations magically coming together more.

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

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