Today’s Poetry (A Secret of the Ages)

We hold back, afraid it may be taken the wrong way Thinking we will gain more by playing it safe We may feel that what we give may not be […]

A Positive Conversation Amongst Friends

Ck: I have been feeling sick the past couple days.  Sometimes it takes something like this to find out just how good you normally have it.  In the next couple […]

Today’s Poetry (Maybe It is Time)

Maybe it’s time to put things to the test And once again see if the magic is real It seems it is time for whole new adventures Sometimes I can […]

Attracting More Wonderful Gifts From The Universe

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Aaron who is an electrician for the union, and fellow positive guru.  He was saying that he had been working ten to twelve […]

Today’s Positive Poetry…There comes a time to start living as that person

There comes a time to start living as that person When this time comes we will know it, and have to be true Being true to the inner you, is […]

Today’s Positive Thought (there are always new starts waiting)

There are always new starts and second chances for the one who believes and is willing to work. For if you truly believe there is a second chance for you […]

The Positive Word For the Month (Compassion)

I decided to start choosing a positive word for the month.  The idea is to keep this word as my focus as I go about my days and then just […]

You are now on your way

When the grass is greener and the sky is bluer know that you are on to something When you feel unusually good and at peace know that you are on […]

Poetry (Is There AnotherLife?)

Is there another life somewhere where you know you that you belong? is there another place where you know you are meant to be? Are there other ways that you […]