They Did Not Know They Were In Heaven (Today’s Poetry)

They did not realize that they were in Heaven.

Sometimes it’s like that when you are in a special place.

They came from different backgrounds and yet they were one.

Exploring the Universe while with a great teacher.

They studied and worshiped and became like family.

As they meditated and reflected the world dissapeared.

The place where they met was the home of a master.

To be in such company a rare occassion.

Sometimes it seemed like the whole place was floating.

The whole place was shining with a light like no other.

More than a ritual it was pure intoxication.

Those who did not catch it were soon left behind.

Sometimes the best places are not seen until we leave.

But once you realize you have to go back.

If you can’t go back then you must create anew.

If you lose your ego who says you can’t fly?

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