There comes a time to start living as that person

When this time comes we will know it, and have to be true

Being true to the inner you, is the start of truly being alive

Its the start of something magical, and the whole world is anew

A true moment is so deep, it can last forever

Think back on these moments, when you want to be true

A true moment is so intoxicating, like you had never lived before

And when you are in it you can’t believe all that is taking place

In a true moment, we move past all that has held us back

and say “This is where I have to be, I can’t take it any more”

In a true moment, we take a risk and choose to forget

about how we may look, or obstacles in the way

What we have to gain, is a chance to be alive once again

So we forge forward, and begin to feel free

What do you know, I am alive once again!

When I am true to the moment, it comes in an instant!


Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog













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2 thoughts on “Today’s Positive Poetry…There comes a time to start living as that person

  1. This one rings true:). Wish we could all get to this place in life sooner but I think it’s earned through experience . . .

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