Today’s Positive Poetry (The banquet of light)

There I was at a most beautiful banquet
surrounded and infused by magnificent light

All the chairs, the tables and the people
were part of this great golden light

When newcomers arrived, I loved to explain
that this is their true essence

I was at this banquet and other places
both at the same time

The feeling that I had was so wonderful
It was difficult to imagine leaving

Everyone was staying for quite a while
yet I wondered “will I stay or will I go”

In the meantime I heard it said
that I will soon be departing

“You must live, you must live, with more knowledge
of the incredible light”

Next I was sitting trying to remember
everything I could of this magical banquet

I remember the sound of the Aum vibration
ringing so loudly the whole time I was there

I remember my questions before meditation
and how much I needed to share upon my return

“What do we embrace
when we have to leave this earth?

We embrace the light, we embrace the love
and all the magic of the new realm

How will I express
my greatest passion in life?”

Remember what you have experienced
and what you have to give

What do I have to give
is it the knowledge of our true essence?

Just like at the banquet
will I speak of the light?

Now with all my answers
I speak into my recorder

“There I was at the most beautiful banquet
surrounded by magnificent light

By Craig Kimbrough and Meditatiave Zone
For Positive Ambassador Blog

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