Today’s Question for Craig (How do I heal my shadow self?)

Question: How do I let go of emotions that come up during meditation? and How do I heal my shadow self? This is something that I really need to do, heal my shadow self and all the emotions that are tied up in it.

Craig’s Answer: My first suggestion to healing your shadow self is not look at it as needing healing. Look at the process as a marvelous journey in which you are moving deeper and deeper into your authentic self, your higher self, one moment at a time. Look for lessons in each moment and remind yourself this is the perfect moment for you to get your lesson and move deeper into the experience of Heaven here and now. Make getting the lesson the main objective in life.

For example, I saw a movie the other day. Initially I did not like it and started to walk out. But I decided I would get a message in this movie, and chose not to leave until it came. I repeated my mantra in my head to help clear my mind and get my message. Then it came. My message was to remember to make things less about me and more about those who I am here to help. To work more on letting go of my ego as I approach the world. As I got the message I saw ways I could actually improve upon this in my world.

The next morning I randomly opened up my latest book I’ve been writing, for a message. My message was not to worry about what the other people in my world, my movie or dream, think about me, just focus on my lesson. It seemed to be part of a theme of I’ve been getting lately on shedding my ego. Shortly after getting my message, I went to drop off my 7 year old son Jordan at school. I had just found out he had lost his gloves again. Without his gloves he would not be able to go outside for recess.

When I got to his class I found two pairs of his gloves and a hat. I was telling his teacher “here it is, not just one but two pairs and a hat” while shaking my head. I could tell Jordan was embarrassed and felt bad as we talked.

As I left I kept thinking about how he must have felt. I, the one who was supposed to be in his corner, was criticizing him in front of his teacher and friends. I thought about going back and talking to him, but I did not want to have to have the secretary take him out of class to talk to me. I am up there a lot, and felt like the staff would be like “here he is again.”

As I drove off, I tried sending good thoughts to my son in my mind, but a thought ran through my mind. “I have to go back and talk to him.” As soon as I said this to myself I felt sensations I get when I know what I thought came from on high. I could hear the Aum vibration, and I could barely feel my body. Then I suddenly became excited. I thought, “this is a chance to move into my lesson, and not worry about the staff, the other people in my dream, think about me as I do it. I will go help my son regardless of what any one thinks, because it is not about me.” It is about him, the one I am to serve. So I went back to the school.

When my Jordan came out he was happy, so I did not make it a big deal. I just reminded him that I was proud of him and think that he is great. My mission was complete.

If you want to heal your shadow self or move beyond your ego, do it one moment at a time, reminding yourself that you are an instrument of the Universe. Ask and be open to what the Universe wants for you to learn and do. In the meantime continue to meditate as you have been taught. When doing so, remind yourself prior to meditating that all is well, and you are in the perfect place to get the lessons that will make you and yours most happy.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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  1. V.A. Farria

    Thank you for sharing this post. It is a very good lesson that I can apply.

    Love, light, and blessings


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