Guru Is Govinda,

B ecause God is omnipresent, everything that shows up in our life is a way the eternal has shown up in our worlds to give us whatever it is we […]

Positive Thoughts for Bitsy’s family

  From time to time people ask me to pray for them and their family.  What I usually will do is meditate on them and send positive thoughts their way. […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (The banquet of light)

There I was at a most beautiful banquet surrounded and infused by magnificent light All the chairs, the tables and the people were part of this great golden light When […]

Today’s Positive Reminder (Do not hide your lamp up under a bushel)

Do not hide your lamp up under a bushel We must remember that we are one with the light, meant to radiate that light.  This is part of the object […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (God gives me something to worry about)

God gives me something to worry about I chant my mantra all day long. I meditate deeply and go to places most will never see I soon see other worlds […]

Today’s Positive Thought and reminder (The secret of all secrets)

Krishna says “This is the secret of all secrets.  Lay down all duties and follow me and only me.” Dr. Thind said “if I take my mind off God for […]

Today’s Positive Reminder (“Nothing just happens everything happens just”)

I n life there are absolutely no coincidences.  Everything is happening exactly as it should be, precisely according to plan.  Quite often when we look around, it doesn’t appear this […]

Today’s Positive Thought (start the day off right)

Yesterday I woke up with my son Jordan standing next to my and my wife’s bed.  When he does this I usually reassure him that everything is just fine and […]

Today’s Positive Reminder. . . Pay Attention to the divine in you (Craig answers a question on a dream)

Question:  I had a dream in which I found myself walking outside of my friend’s house and getting shot.  I didn’t just get shot.  I got shot a whole bunch […]