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ecause God is omnipresent, everything that shows up in our life is a way the eternal has shown up in our worlds to give us whatever it is we are to get out of the situation. The same is true of the mystical teacher except his or her sole purpose in our life is to be the instructor on the inner path. In other words the guru is the way God has chosen to manifest in your world to help you realize that you are one with God. This is also a reminder that the teachings of the guru are the words of God.

By Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Positive Thoughts for Bitsy’s family



From time to time people ask me to pray for them and their family.  What I usually will do is meditate on them and send positive thoughts their way.   I have found that this can be very powerful especially when it is done by more than just one person.

This time the request is coming from Bitsy my mom’s good friend in Tennessee.  Her family is going through a challenging time. One of the things we are hoping for is for her husband Mitchell who is sick and in  his nineties, be placed in the best possible nursing home for him and the family.

If you have a moment please join me in sending positive thoughts and wishes, and peace for Bitsy, Mitchell and the entire family.  Thank you



Today’s Positive Poetry (The banquet of light)

There I was at a most beautiful banquet
surrounded and infused by magnificent light

All the chairs, the tables and the people
were part of this great golden light

When newcomers arrived, I loved to explain
that this is their true essence

I was at this banquet and other places
both at the same time

The feeling that I had was so wonderful
It was difficult to imagine leaving

Everyone was staying for quite a while
yet I wondered “will I stay or will I go”

In the meantime I heard it said
that I will soon be departing

“You must live, you must live, with more knowledge
of the incredible light”

Next I was sitting trying to remember
everything I could of this magical banquet

I remember the sound of the Aum vibration
ringing so loudly the whole time I was there

I remember my questions before meditation
and how much I needed to share upon my return

“What do we embrace
when we have to leave this earth?

We embrace the light, we embrace the love
and all the magic of the new realm

How will I express
my greatest passion in life?”

Remember what you have experienced
and what you have to give

What do I have to give
is it the knowledge of our true essence?

Just like at the banquet
will I speak of the light?

Now with all my answers
I speak into my recorder

“There I was at the most beautiful banquet
surrounded by magnificent light

By Craig Kimbrough and Meditatiave Zone
For Positive Ambassador Blog

Today’s Positive Reminder (Do not hide your lamp up under a bushel)

Sky (Photo credit: monkeyatlarge)

Do not hide your lamp up under a bushel

We must remember that we are one with the light, meant to radiate that light.  This is part of the object of the meditation process both in the lotus position and in our walking meditation or daily life.

Recently I shared a story with my son Jordan about seeing God in action through people caring and helping one another.  Ever since then we have been talking about ways we can allow God to come through.  I told him that when ever you are kind or helping or serving others you have allowed God to come through. God the Universe, and our higher self is always there and when we think of others in a kind way.  God is now being allowed to be seen and come through.

I most recently saw this at my mother in-laws funeral.  There were so many people giving, just by being there showing love and support.  It was truly a beautiful thing.  At one point I could not stop crying because I literally was seeing God and the Universe coming through all the people who were there.  It was truly powerful.  As I go through my days, this is what want to do.  Give in whatever way I can, and allow God and the Universe to come through.


Today’s Positive Poetry (God gives me something to worry about)

Sacred hindu syllable Aum (Om) in Devanagari s...
Sacred hindu syllable Aum (Om) in Devanagari script. SVG version of Image:Aum.png. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God gives me something to worry about

I chant my mantra all day long.

I meditate deeply and go to places most will never see

I soon see other worlds

I understand life on whole new levels

There is magic and beauty everywhere I go

My problem is far beneath me

I am floating high above the ground

I wonder who can I tell all the marvels that I see

In time they slowly diminish

I am back to everyday life

Where I can see God’s harmony from time to time

and then God gives me something to worry about

And I chant my mantra all day long

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought and reminder (The secret of all secrets)

Clouds over IL-RT50

Krishna says “This is the secret of all secrets.  Lay down all duties and follow me and only me.”

Dr. Thind said “if I take my mind off God for a minute my whole body aches.”

Jesus said “seek ye first the kingdom, and all these things shall be added onto you.”

My teacher, Mr. Ambrister said “even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it just remember to repeat your mantra.”

Craig’s Thoughts:

Krishna says to” lay down all duties.”  Our duties are our cares, our worries, our concerns, even our hopes and dreams.  Krishna also says to “follow me and only me.” Krishna represents God and Heaven and to follow means to focus.  The idea is to forget about your problems and focus on the good.  Focus on the magic focus on the beauty.  Focus on the harmony.  Meditate and keep your mind on God.

Dr. Thind says if he takes his mind off God his whole body aches.  If he keeps his focus on the spiritual, he appears to be in Heaven and all is well.  If he forgets and places his attention on fears and worries hopes and dreams in no time all hell breaks loose.  The more we grow spiritually, the more we must have our mind on higher things.

Jesus says if we seek first the kingdom all will be added.  To seek is to focus.  To focus is to think.  Keep the eternal and Heaven in your mind at all times and then you can tend to the other things with what is most important in mind.  If you do this all will be added, your hopes, your dreams, your good, peace, happiness, you name it, it is yours.

Mr. Ambrister says “even if you need a million dollars go out and get it.”  In other words do not deny this world, your feelings and desires.  Live and get the experience.  He then says “just remember to repeat your mantra.”  Keep God and the mystical path in your mind at all times, as you move about in this world.  Keep your focus on the higher as you live this life.

I say all these great ones say the same thing in their own language.  Keep your mind on God, the magic of the Universe, and Heaven at all times.  Even in the midst of the problem, bring it back to God and the Universe.  Ask “What are you trying to tell me?  What do I need to learn?  How are you trying to get me to better see Heaven, right here,right now?” Tell yourself, “I know you have this taken care of as I move forward, even if I can’t see it yet.” Then meditate, repeat your mantra, and live your life


Today’s Positive Reminder (“Nothing just happens everything happens just”)

English: The sun shining through the trees at ...


n life there are absolutely no coincidences.  Everything is happening exactly as it should be, precisely according to plan.  Quite often when we look around, it doesn’t appear this way.  But when we start to understand the way life works and how we’re made up, we begin to see that everything is happening exactly the way God has planned it, and that we also played a part in that plan.

Who you are, where you were born, who your mother is, who your father is, your husband, your wife, your career, every aspect of your life is happening exactly as it should be at this moment.  When it changes, that’s the way it should be at that moment.  What determines all these factors in our lives is the way we see ourselves, and the way we feel about ourselves and the world. Our consciousness actually determines our whole life situation.  At the same time this is going on with everyone else.  Their consciousness is determining their whole life situation.  So just the right people and just the right events come into our lives.  We also come into just the right people’s lives in just the right situations to give them the experiences they need.  This is all based on who we are and who they are.

From the Book Wise Words

By Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought (start the day off right)


Yesterday I woke up with my son Jordan standing next to my and my wife’s bed.  When he does this I usually reassure him that everything is just fine and walk him back into his bedroom.  If he had a bad dream we talk about it and he goes right back to sleep.  This particular morning I did the same thing.  I walked him back into his room.  There was no bad dream or anything.  I guess he just wanted to see us there and know that all is fine.  I got ready to go back to bed when I decided to check the time.  I thought I would just check to see if it was 5:30 A.M.   I was very tired, but I told myself if it was, that I would stay up and meditate, write and worship God.  Surely enough it was exactly 5:30, so I did.

I had an audio talk to do so I went downstairs and did that talk.  Then I did a blog post.  Then I meditated.  Afterwards I took care of other business and still got Jordan off to his first day of school at 9:00 on time.  I was amazed at how much I accomplished and how wonderful I felt.  The whole time I could barely feel my body and was in tune more than usual and I knew a magical thing had happened.

This used to be my special time to start the day off right meditate, write etc, but lately I have gotten away from it.  As I have mentioned before, the ancients would say that the 5:00 A.M. is a special time for meditation.  The satvic dust settles on the earth at this time.  I always felt this is the best time because in my world all is quiet at this time, and it helps set the tone.  The magical thing was that God and the Universe got me back into my routine by waking me up at my special time by way of my son, and even had me check to see if it was that exact time.  Then the Universe reminded me just how magical I feel when I move accordingly and start my day off right.  As I said I was amazed at how wonderful I felt and how much was accomplished.


Question:  What do you do to start your day off right or how are you going to do so in the future?

Today’s Positive Reminder. . . Pay Attention to the divine in you (Craig answers a question on a dream)

Reach out for the skies

Question:  I had a dream in which I found myself walking outside of my friend’s house and getting shot.  I didn’t just get shot.  I got shot a whole bunch of times.  What do you think this means?

Craig:  Are you still hanging out with that rough crowd here and there?

Questioner:  Yea actually I was with them at the time and whenever I have dreams like this, I am always with them.

Craig’s answer:  You are being shown a future possibility.  The future is not carved out in stone, it often depends on if we go in this direction or that direction as to which future time space event you will find yourself in during this waking experience.  You were being shown what will happen if you continue to hang out with that group.

Since you have been meditating you have been being spiritually cleaned up.  Your higher self and God within, is working on you, trying to get you to take heed and move in a different direction.  You have come a long way already, but now it is time to make the tough choices and move further.  Your life depends on it.  Do not take this lightly.  When your higher self speaks and gives such information in dream, pay attention.

Remember this is only a future possibility, if you shy away from this group, you will not have this experience.  You will move into an entirely different future with much more pleasant outcomes.

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