We Are All Meditating All The Time, So why not change your meditation to enhance your life?

Meditation is focus and we are constantly focusing on one thing or another. ┬áSo whether we realize it or not, we are always meditating. Our present world and everything in […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (Change)

What do we do when we want our lives to change? Change What do we do when we want our circumstances to be different? Be different What do we do […]

Today’s Poetry (How?)

How can I experience more peace and beauty in meditation? How can I see what the great masters see? How can I get answers to my questions magically showing up? […]

Today’s Poetry (Show Me The Way)

Sometimes I get a glimpses of where I am going Where I am going to seems different to me I see where the world is going and feel I don’t […]

Today’s Poetry (As I Sat There Analyzing)

As I sat there analyzing my dream I could see it was built upon thoughts of the previous day My words thoughts and actions came back to life And I […]

Only make good deals, and you will find yourself in the best of situations (A Dream interpretation)

Question for Craig: I had a dream last night in which I was to be seated at a table with my Grandmother. My children were with me. I felt as […]

Today’s Poetry (I Float On)

I don’t have to be on top I can move through the crowd nice and slow I don’t have to be in front as long as I get where I […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (With a little motivation and a strong heart)

With a little motivation and a strong heart, nothing can stand in your way. Make it about those you are here to serve, and all worry and doubt goes out […]