From Craig’s Journal (from a temporary low, to a wonderful high in minutes)

I woke up thinking about my life.  There are so many things I want to do and in some ways may be sleeping on.  I remembered the fact that life does not stop for anyone, and that everyday that goes by, I need to be sure to be my authentic […]

A Positive Conversation Amongst Friends

Ck: I have been feeling sick the past couple days.  Sometimes it takes something like this to find out just how good you normally have it.  In the next couple of days when I am back to normal, I am going to be so thankful. The trivial things that normally […]

Today’s Positive Poetry…There comes a time to start living as that person

There comes a time to start living as that person When this time comes we will know it, and have to be true Being true to the inner you, is the start of truly being alive Its the start of something magical, and the whole world is anew A true […]

The Power of Atmosphere (a reminder from my ten year old son)

This morning I was talking with my ten year old son Jordan.  He was showing me the card he made for his mother for Mother’s Day.  He pulled out this very creatively decorated card and then proceeded to read it to me.  At the end he read “I love you […]

Poetry (No one gets there playing it safe)

Meditate often Let go of all concerns as to how you should be. Trust the inner voice and feelings that you have. The more you meditate the more you connected you will be. Give all you have and let go of the results. Get into the journey and enjoy this […]

Three easy tips for better concentrating during meditation

When we have trouble concentrating during meditation it’s usually because we are not meditating at all. Well we are meditating, but the problem is we are meditating on all the problems we perceive to be in our world. We sit down, say our mantra 2 times and start to think […]

Today’s Positive Thought (there are always new starts waiting)

There are always new starts and second chances for the one who believes and is willing to work. For if you truly believe there is a second chance for you and are willing to work for it, all kinds of ideas and information will magically show up for you to […]