Today’s Positive Thought and Reminder (Make Haste While The Sun Is Still Shining)

I own a seasonal business. I’m able to work during the warm months and not able to work during the winter. For many years this was my only source of income. So, I had to make my entire income from the spring through the fall. Once winter came I would […]

Today’s Positive Thought (No Time To Waste Sitting Around. . . Time To Get Busy And Stand up)

In the movie Bridge of Spies, a client tells the main character that he reminds him of a man that he once knew. He said this man was prisoner who was told to get down on his knees. When the man refused, the guards beat him with a stick until […]

Only make good deals, and you will find yourself in the best of situations (A Dream interpretation)

Question for Craig: I had a dream last night in which I was to be seated at a table with my Grandmother. My children were with me. I felt as though my Grandmother may oppose us being there with them, because we were of a lower class or caste. For […]

Positive Thoughts From Craig’s Journal (some life lessons and reminders from a meditation)

This morning I had a lot of things on my mind and a lot of questions that I felt needed answering. Some of those questions dealt with my personal life and others with my business life. These questions were posed to God, The Universe, my higher self, which ever you […]

Today’s Positive Question (When the entire Universe shows up and talks directly to you, are you going to take heed and listen?)

Last night my friend Aaron and I were sitting at the bar at J Alexanders and began to have a conversation with the lady next to us. During the conversation we came to an agreement. We all agreed that God and the Universe will give us chances to turn it […]

Today’s Positive Thought (Even if you need a million dollars go out and get it. Just remember to repeat your mantra)

Even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it. Just remember to repeat your mantra. As we are progressing on the spiritual path, we have to remember that we are still in this world, and fully enjoy it. Whatever it takes for us to enjoy our life […]