Today’s Poetry (How?)

How can I experience more peace and beauty in meditation?

How can I see what the great masters see?

How can I get answers to my questions magically showing up?

How can I find my purpose and my adventure as I move through life?

First you must change your walking meditation

What you think about all day long

The conversations you have when you go to speak

What we listen to and watch becomes our powerful focus

We don’t realize that we are meditating every single moment

Think about the magic of the Universe, and see it show up

See yourself as an artist and create a masterpiece

Talk to the Universe and ask “How do you want me to serve?”

Expect to get answers and watch them show up

Let go of needing to see them, and they seem to come rush your way

Hang out with the great masters, and see what they see

If you don’t know one, you can read their books

Everything you need is right here with you

You can chant the mighty Aum as you go go about your day

Know the Universe is with you and see the eternal everywhere

Be true to yourself and ask who am I?

Today’s Positive Thought (Coincidences are part of the Magic of The Universe)

I took my son Jordan roller skating Tuesday. It was his first time, and he had some difficulties. He fell quite a bit, but was determined to learn and kept trying. By the end of the session, he was frustrated, but in time, said that he would go back later in the week. I was glad to hear this, because we were trying to get him ready for a birthday roller skating party he was going to attend on Sunday.

Later this same evening, I was surprised to walk in his bedroom and see a cartoon on, with Mickey Mouse and friends rollerskating. Jordan was laughing and talking about them skating. I asked him if liked the idea of skating now. He said yes. He was looking forward to going again in a couple days so he could practice for the party. I told Jordan that this was no coincidence us seeing this cartoon right after he went skating for the first time. He asked me “What does coincidence mean?” I gave him a couple of examples, and then told him that “Coincidences are part of the magic of the Universe. They look like accidents, but are planned for us to get something out of them”, like the cartoon showing up to make skating look so fun right after him having such a difficult first try. It gave us another chance to talk about how with practice it will be a lot of fun, and how it is OK to fall.

Jordan agreed. He then told me about a time in which he and his friend just happened to be reading the same book at the same time. He felt like this was magical and looked like an accident, but it must have been planned by the Universe also, because it gave them a lot to talk and laugh about. I agreed.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (The ultimate question)

At some point in our lives we all have to ask the life changing questions.  Here I some I had to ask myself.

What does Craig Kimbrough look like? Do you know? What is his focus? What is his life about? Why is he in the world? What has happened throughout his life?

What great things have happened? What mistakes have happened?  Who are the some of the key people who have been in his world? Who are his mentors?  Does he have any mentors?  If so what did he learn from his time with them? What did he learn up to this point as he moved through life?  Does he remember what he  has learned?  Is he using those lessons in his life today?

What does Craig Kimbrough look like?  Is he in an adventure? Is he alive and loving life? or is he just existing? What kind of character is he?  What is he doing on the world stage right now, while the movie is going on? Does he realize that he is in a movie?  Whether it is consciously or subconsciously does he know this on some level?  If he knows this on some level is he giving it his all? Is he playing his part to the fullest?

Is he being the person he knows he can be?  Is he being the person who those who believed in him always knew he could be? Is he showing those who didn’t believe in him who he can be?  Is he remembering that he may have to show them, but it is not even about that?  Does he realize that it is not about the ego side of showing them, it’s about them seeing who he can be because God wants them to see his story, where his potential life comes through?

Is he living his potential life?  Is he constantly moving from where he is to where he could be? Is he moving from simply just being a man to a more just than a just a man,  an exciting character, a light, an example an inspiration?

What does Craig Kimbrough look like?!

Today’s Positive Poetry (Starting The Day Off Right,A Conversation between a student and teacher)

“I am so hyped right now. I have to tell you when I get up in the morning and work on my music first thing, my whole day is different. It’s like I am good for the whole day.”

“I understand. When you start the day off being who you really are, and gotten that out of your system so to speak, everything is just great. I have the same experience when I get up early in the morning meditate, and reflect. If I start writing in my new book, or do a blog post I can barely feel my body. This is the Universe telling me that this is what I should be doing. I also have learned that part of the key is to be lost in it without the concerns of the out come of your expression.”

“I agree. It’s like you have to let the Universe do it’s thing through you first thing, and then you can truly enjoy the rest of the day.”

Today’s Positive Thought (We can be more than prepared for what lies ahead in this wonderful game we find ourselves in )

In the movie, “Sherlock Holmes, a Game of Shadows”, Sherlock is sitting on the ground meditating, just before he his about to be attacked by four men. In his mind, he could see every move of his opponents before anyone had even lifted a finger. This clearly gave him an advantage that helped him tremendously.  Utilizing this gift often seems to also help him see his adventure and life as one big game where he is constantly enjoying making his moves.

If we learn to meditate on the upper centers within, with practice we can see glimpses of what is coming like we see visions in our dreams. If we pay attention to these wonderful sights and act accordingly we too will find that we are more than prepared for what lies ahead in this wonderful adventure and game we find ourselves in.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Question (What time is it?)

In the movie A Good Year, Max’s uncle Henry answers the question “what is the secret to comedy?” His answer is, the timing. Throughout the movie this was a big part of Max’s lesson and gift even, to do the right thing at the right time.

In the Legend of Bagger Vance, the wonderful mystic caddie Bagger explains to Harvey Greeves that same shot will play differently depending on the time of day and how the grass is laying, and the sun is going to determine how the grass lies. “It’s going to lay one way in the morning the other way in the afternoon. One way in the morning and the other way in the afternoon.”

Bagger also spoke on a particular club that Rannulph Junuh wanted to play. It turned out to be incredible for a particular shot earlier that day. But now he had a shot to play that was similar, but still quite different. Bagger told him “there’s a time use that club and a time to keep it in the bag. Which one of those times do you think this is?” Rannulph who was caught up on ego at the moment, chose to use that club anyway.  He then totally messed up that particular shot.

Life is a lot like comedy the secret is in the timing.  The question we have to ask ourselves at any given time is, What time is it now?  Is it time to leave or time to stay.  Time to fight or time to or time to compromise? Is it time to expand or downsize and place our time and energy on new endeavors? Is it time to focus make haste and get paid or time to relax.  Is it time to use that driving iron or leave it in the bag?

If we can pay attention to how the grass is laying, we can know exactly how to play the shot. If we listen to God and the Universe when we are clearly being talked to, we can easily follow the signs.   Don’t think you are not being talked to.  If you pay attention you can hear the words and see the signs.  Sometimes they come as a suggestion, other times they show up in situations along the way, sometimes we may even have to ask “how do you want me to be in this situation. If we meditate and let go, the signs seem to show up more clearly.  We will know what to do when and act accordingly. ”

And now he assesses his upcoming shot.  He swings beautifully, the ball lands and rolls right into the hole.  And the crowd cheers.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Question (When the entire Universe shows up and talks directly to you, are you going to take heed and listen?)

Last night my friend Aaron and I were sitting at the bar at J Alexanders and began to have a conversation with the lady next to us. During the conversation we came to an agreement. We all agreed that God and the Universe will give us chances to turn it all around and in many cases show up on our doorstep to do so.

As we laughed talked and agreed I gave an example from my favorite scene in the movie American Gangster. Frank Lucas, the gangster and drug dealer is talking with his supplier. His supplier who is making millions off selling to Frank, looks at him seriously and tells him. “It is not in my best interest to tell you this, but there is a big difference between quitting and quitting while you are ahead.” At this point Frank has made millions and could retire with no problem. He also had begun to have problems with the police and other signs telling him maybe it is time to get out. But what are the odds that his supplier who is making millions off of him would tell him this against his own best interest. I said to myself this is where God and the Universe stepped in.

We all agreed that this was not just a scene in a movie. but something that happens all the time in life. The Universe is always giving us chances to move forward to higher ground, and will even show up in our world to speak to us directly. We just have to be open enough to take heed and listen. Frank chose not to and lost everything. His beautiful homes, apartments, his wife, all his money and his freedom. All because he chose not to listen when God and the Universe showed up. Once again he could have kept all of this, and moved on to a whole new life, without all the danger and worries, if only he paid attention.

My question I had to ask myself, and now ask you is, how has God and the Universe showed up to talk to you, to enhance your life, protect you and yours, and lead you to a better place? And when the entire Universe has shown up in your world, to talk directly to you, are you going to take heed and pay attention?

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (Something you want to have happen)

You have something
you want to see happen

The question is
can you simply allow it to come into being?

Simply allowing your dream to come true
is not giving up on your dream

It is truly the fastest way
to see it come about

When you learn to dance with the universe
you see how what you want most is trying to come your way

when you see it trying to come your way
you learn to be still and look for the signs

changing your mind and following the signs
is an incredible secret

it’s like deciding to stop driving in circles
and allowing GPS to show you the way

if you can be still and listen
your next step looks like a wonderful dance

it appears graceful and quite beautiful
full of incredible steps

But we know it started
with you learning to be open

learning to approach life
in a brand new way

asking what is my next move
and then letting the answers show up in your world

in the meantime the watchers by are amazed
and so are you

you just pulled off
the impossible

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Question for Craig (How do I heal my shadow self?)

Question: How do I let go of emotions that come up during meditation? and How do I heal my shadow self? This is something that I really need to do, heal my shadow self and all the emotions that are tied up in it.

Craig’s Answer: My first suggestion to healing your shadow self is not look at it as needing healing. Look at the process as a marvelous journey in which you are moving deeper and deeper into your authentic self, your higher self, one moment at a time. Look for lessons in each moment and remind yourself this is the perfect moment for you to get your lesson and move deeper into the experience of Heaven here and now. Make getting the lesson the main objective in life.

For example, I saw a movie the other day. Initially I did not like it and started to walk out. But I decided I would get a message in this movie, and chose not to leave until it came. I repeated my mantra in my head to help clear my mind and get my message. Then it came. My message was to remember to make things less about me and more about those who I am here to help. To work more on letting go of my ego as I approach the world. As I got the message I saw ways I could actually improve upon this in my world.

The next morning I randomly opened up my latest book I’ve been writing, for a message. My message was not to worry about what the other people in my world, my movie or dream, think about me, just focus on my lesson. It seemed to be part of a theme of I’ve been getting lately on shedding my ego. Shortly after getting my message, I went to drop off my 7 year old son Jordan at school. I had just found out he had lost his gloves again. Without his gloves he would not be able to go outside for recess.

When I got to his class I found two pairs of his gloves and a hat. I was telling his teacher “here it is, not just one but two pairs and a hat” while shaking my head. I could tell Jordan was embarrassed and felt bad as we talked.

As I left I kept thinking about how he must have felt. I, the one who was supposed to be in his corner, was criticizing him in front of his teacher and friends. I thought about going back and talking to him, but I did not want to have to have the secretary take him out of class to talk to me. I am up there a lot, and felt like the staff would be like “here he is again.”

As I drove off, I tried sending good thoughts to my son in my mind, but a thought ran through my mind. “I have to go back and talk to him.” As soon as I said this to myself I felt sensations I get when I know what I thought came from on high. I could hear the Aum vibration, and I could barely feel my body. Then I suddenly became excited. I thought, “this is a chance to move into my lesson, and not worry about the staff, the other people in my dream, think about me as I do it. I will go help my son regardless of what any one thinks, because it is not about me.” It is about him, the one I am to serve. So I went back to the school.

When my Jordan came out he was happy, so I did not make it a big deal. I just reminded him that I was proud of him and think that he is great. My mission was complete.

If you want to heal your shadow self or move beyond your ego, do it one moment at a time, reminding yourself that you are an instrument of the Universe. Ask and be open to what the Universe wants for you to learn and do. In the meantime continue to meditate as you have been taught. When doing so, remind yourself prior to meditating that all is well, and you are in the perfect place to get the lessons that will make you and yours most happy.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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