Today’s Positive Thought (Coincidences are part of the Magic of The Universe)

I took my son Jordan roller skating Tuesday. It was his first time, and he had some difficulties. He fell quite a bit, but was determined to learn and kept trying. By the end of the session, he was frustrated, but in time, said that he would go back later […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (The ultimate question)

What does Craig Kimbrough look like? Do you know? What is his focus? What is his life about? Why is he in the world? How old is he? What has happened throughout his life? What great things have happened? What mistakes have happened?  Who are the people who have been in his world? Who are […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (Starting The Day Off Right,A Conversation between a student and teacher)

“I am so hyped right now. I have to tell you when I get up in the morning and work on my music first thing, my whole day is different. It’s like I am good for the whole day.” “I understand. When you start the day off being who you […]

Today’s Positive Thought (We can be more than prepared for what lies ahead in this wonderful game we find ourselves in )

In the movie, “Sherlock Holmes, a Game of Shadows”, Sherlock is sitting on the ground meditating, just before he his about to be attacked by four men. In his mind, he could see every move of his opponents before anyone had even lifted a finger. This clearly gave him an […]

Today’s Positive Question (When the entire Universe shows up and talks directly to you, are you going to take heed and listen?)

Last night my friend Aaron and I were sitting at the bar at J Alexanders and began to have a conversation with the lady next to us. During the conversation we came to an agreement. We all agreed that God and the Universe will give us chances to turn it […]