Today’s Positive Thought (We can move beyond our problems into our mystical state of being)

Q uite often life’s tough problems are going to shake us up. It happens to the best of us. Even Jesus when

Today’s Question for Craig (How do I heal my shadow self?)

Question: How do I let go of emotions that come up during meditation? and How do I heal my shadow self? This

Today’s Positive Thought (Sometimes you have to take your time and lay it on the line)

There is a time for everything. And in life I find it is a good policy to be as kind and agreeable

Today’s Positive Thought (Be Happy and put the law of karma in positive action)

Do not make the mistake of waiting until things turn out a certain way for you to be happy.  Be happy now

Today’s Positive Thought (“Abandon all dharmas or duties, and follow me and only me”)

In the Bhavagad Gita there is a passage where Khrisna tells Arjuna to “abandon all duties, and follow me and only me.” 

Positive Meditative Thought (“When you have the kind of problems that you have, you need to be meditating all day long”)

My teacher Mr. Ambrister (18 years ago)  I was struggling and hoping to get some advise on how to deal with what

Today’s Positive Thought (Do what you have to do to experience Good Karma)

This morning a good friend and meditation student of mine called me to ask “what is the thought for today?  He said

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