Today’s Poetry (Do You Believe?)


Do you believe there is a place within you
that knows all understands all and can do all?

Do you believe there is a potential life, wonderful life
waiting on you to move into it?

Do you believe that there is absolutely nothing
that you cannot do?

Do you believe the whole Universe
has your back?

Do you believe it is time
to move into the world of your dreams?

Do you believe that that world wants to be with you
as much as you want as much as you want to be in it?

Do you believe that today is your day
and tomorrow is too?

Do you believe that now is the time
for you and me to move forward?

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

6 Replies to “Today’s Poetry (Do You Believe?)”

  1. kkozak

    Ram Nam! Ram Nam! That\s God talking!Thank you so much. My man. (I finally watched the American Gangster the other day. Great Movie)
    . It is time, no doubt it is time teacher. This is such a beautiful post to me, I needed these words. Yes, it is time now for us to move forward together.

      • magicalcocreations

        I did not get any new lessons, I did get all the new posts on your blog. I thought you quit making enlightenment lessons. Well anyway this is the only other email I have active. One thing I really believe in that I am looking for some clarification on is humility and being humble. I call it owning my stuff, my part, like when I add to someone’s suffering. I don’t want to be like that Craig, and isn’t this like learning my lesson, just trying not to repeat old hurtful patterns? You would not teach this if it was not important in doing human here. I am doing human, , and I think it important also to admit my fault in my relations, especially with family of origin so that I am a better human in their lives too, like you say “who I am to serve”, it seems to me it ought to start with them, maybe then it can branch out to others. I believe I am here to serve me and mine, I guess though God first. And what of giving the glory to God Craig? Is that one true? I know empowerment is important, and these days I am really questioning everything, but more important I believe on a spiritual path is keeping this ego thing in check. Am I confused here?

    • magicalcocreations

      Oh Goody Gum Drops! lol it is a gmail, my other one Thank God for you Craig, I would be and have been so lost without you. I sidetracked myself for a long time there with some other practices and teachings, Some of them are alright, some felt like a trap and I could not handle. It was a way more complicated type of path. Your’s for me is simple, it works, and it is right. I am listening to God when I listen to you. I know that. I am alright with being a student, I am one anyway. And I got the best teacher on this path on the planet. As if to messing around with sidetracks again. That is so exhausting, and can be dangerous too. I guess sometimes, for for sure, experience has to be the only teacher, and a path of much contrast and suffering had to be walked for me.


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