So Many Thoughts (today’s poetry)

brown field and blue sky

I had a dream that I was living on the run

We were ducking and hiding in an unsafe place

I woke up to find it was only a dream

I was happy not to be in that realm any more

I realized how much I take my good for granted

Do I have enough compassion for those who suffer?

I just want to be in Heaven and still serve the world

My ego based thoughts seemed so far away

Do I want to be in the world and build my business?

Should I leave social media and give up the music scene?

Are these things needed for Heaven here and now?

So many thoughts came up after my dream

Carrying water and chopping wood before enlightenment

After enlightenment I must still do the same

Dive back into my pursuits and run with the world

Stay meditated and grounded and be enriched by my dream

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

Do Your Best And Leave The Rest (The Next 30 Days)

The more we progress on the spiritual path the more we realize that for every step we take to accomplish our goals, God and the Universe will take two. This can be tested and proven in our world. For this reason the great ones throughout time have employed us to simply do our best and not worry about the outcome, especially if the situation looks very difficult.

If we are truly and sincerely doing our best in our endevours, and don’t look back, just keep working on the task, without fear or worry, the Universe will step in and bring just the right people, ideas, and circumstances into play to help us along.

Doing our best not only includes all our outside efforts along the way to our goal, it also refers to going within and meditating and keeping our mind on the magic and beauty of this world. This part of doing our best helps us to move beyond our ego based thoughts ideas and methods. It also helps us experience more peace in order to allow the rest, the providence, divine action to occur.

On Signs From God and The Universe

There are signs from God and The Universe all around us. If we pay attention we will know where to go and what to do.

A Positive Conversation Amongst Friends

Image result for free images of friends talking

Ck: I have been feeling sick the past couple days.  Sometimes it takes something like this to find out just how good you normally have it.  In the next couple of days when I am back to normal, I am going to be so thankful. The trivial things that normally get me, won’t even be able to touch me.  I’ll just remind myself that I am so fortunate to be able to function without so much pain.

Tr: Why don’t you start doing that now, be so thankful for all that you have right now?

Ck:  Man I knew you were going to say that!  but that’s ok when you are going through something I can’t wait to say the same thing to you. (Ha ha ha.)

Tr:  I hope you do.  I will probably need to hear it.  Actually, that is what you do. You are always reminding me of what I have, and how good things are. And many times right when I am complaining! You won’t even let me get into it good.

Ck:  Touche.  Time to practice my positivity now.  Be thankful right now.

Tr:  I agree,

Ck:  I am thankful that all my tires have air and I will make it to my destination.  I am thankful that my children are all healthy and happy.  I am thankful that my business is still maintaining well in spite of things being a little slower than usual.  I am thankful that I have good friends in my world to laugh and talk with.  I am thankful for this positive philosophy and my meditation teachings.  I am thankful for the restored health that is on its way. I am thankful for. . .

Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog






Attracting More Wonderful Gifts From The Universe

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Aaron who is an electrician for the union, and fellow positive guru.  He was saying that he had been working ten to twelve hours a day on his current job project, but this week, they only have him working eight hours.  He said that he was happy to be getting off early.  He also said that he would probably be back to having to work the weekends this week too. He then said he was happy for extra time and money on the weekend.

We both concluded that is the way to be in life.  “I’ll be happy and thankful for the time off when God and the Universe gives it to me, and be thankful and embrace it when the extra work comes too. I take what the Universe brings my way and work with it.”

This is what we call rolling with the Universe, and being happy for the gifts that come our way. This in turn opens up the way for, and attracts more wonderful gifts in the future.  He or she who can adopt this attitude will have many good things come their way, and they will show up as if by magic.

Peace and Blessing

Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Poetry (This yoga I practice makes life so easy!)

Most Beautiful Lotus Flowers Wallpapers

I awakened this morning and could barely take it

Worried about my loved ones, How could I go on?

I decided to chant my mantra and talk to God

I literally did this with each and every breath

Within a short while I began to feel peace

It came so quickly I could not believe it

It was as though I entered a whole new world

I dare not stop my yoga practice

I kept repeating surprised, I felt no more pain

“What if I did this all day long?

Will you protect my loved ones and transform my world?”

I opened up a book for guidance

“I Dare You To Try It!” is what the page read

I rise to the challenge and now I float on!

This yoga I practice makes life so easy!

But how can you believe what you do not try?


Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog





Today’s Positive Poetry…There comes a time to start living as that person


There comes a time to start living as that person

When this time comes we will know it, and have to be true

Being true to the inner you, is the start of truly being alive

Its the start of something magical, and the whole world is anew

A true moment is so deep, it can last forever

Think back on these moments, when you want to be true

A true moment is so intoxicating, like you had never lived before

And when you are in it you can’t believe all that is taking place

In a true moment, we move past all that has held us back

and say “This is where I have to be, I can’t take it any more”

In a true moment, we take a risk and choose to forget

about how we may look, or obstacles in the way

What we have to gain, is a chance to be alive once again

So we forge forward, and begin to feel free

What do you know, I am alive once again!

When I am true to the moment, it comes in an instant!


Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog













The Power of Atmosphere (a reminder from my ten year old son) From Craig’s Journal


This morning I was talking with my ten year old son Jordan.  He was showing me the card he made for his mother for Mother’s Day.  He pulled out this very creatively decorated card and then proceeded to read it to me.  At the end he read “I love you Mom more than anything.”  It was truly a wonderful card and I hate to admit it but just for a second when he read that he loved her more than anything I thought to myself.  “Wow what about me?  Well second place isn’t that bad.”  It only ran through my mind for a flash of a second.  And I was careful not to let that fleeting thought show at all on my face, in that flash of a second.  But then he stopped and said “Dad, you know I love you and Mom equally.”  I was blown away.

I told him thank you and that I loved him very much too.  Then I told him, that was very thoughtful for him to say, and asked him where did he get that from.  Where did he hear someone say that phrase “I love you equally.”  He said from “Ricky, Dicky, Nicky, and Dawn.”  He said the names rather quickly, so I had to have him repeat it a few times.  I had no idea what this was.  He explained that it is a television show.  It turns out that it is a show about 10 year old quadruplets. who have nothing in common, are often fighting, but they must work together to solve everyday situations.   But what got me was that I was just thinking about how powerful atmosphere is in shaping children’s lives.  And I was thinking about it in relation to his growth spiritually.  This was confirmation to keep working on keeping him in the spiritual atmosphere.  For me this means having him around my meditation center and classes.  It also meant to keep having him watch movies that depict spirituality, meditation, and life lessons.

I did the same thing with my older kids.  I would take them to and show them any movie that had life lessons in them, or that depicted spirituality, having deeper connections and meditation, and then discuss the movies with them.  I would ask them questions to teach them to look for the lessons in the movie, and then ask “how does this relate to life?”  I do this with Jordan also.  As a matter of fact we see almost every kid movie that comes out and he tells me ahead of time the dates the films are coming out.  There are at least two out right now that we have to go see.

I also have to point out that we must do the same for ourselves.  Keep our mind in the higher atmosphere, flooding it with powerful messages in movies, books, blogs, and conversations.  These life lessons manifest and are reflected in how we adults think, dream, live and behave also.

Peace and Blessings

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog









Poetry (To Move Into That World Where You Truly Belong)



There are things that we know we need to do and still do not do

There are things that we know we need to stop that we continue to do

These things can make a big difference but we just don’t realize it

A whole new world is waiting if you dare to step in

We think “just this last time I will not be true”

“Next time I will do it ” but  next time is right now

Now is the time, the only time there is

To move into that world where you truly belong

If we do what we know works we get so much reward

If we ask and remain open we are shown the right way

If we have the guts to move on the signs, life will be anew

No time for waiting your adventure is right here


Some Questions:

Are you eating the way you know you should?

Are you being as loving as you know you should be?

Are you taking the tough stances you know you should take?

Are you serving the way you would like to be served?

Are you taking time to go within for more guidance?

Are you spending time daily on living your dream?










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